Livingroom Decor Ideas

Bookworms and DIYers unite! Have you been thinking about modifying your living room to liven it up and add more sophistication? You’re in the right place! These living room bookshelf should help. People assume that to have a great bookshelf, they must hit the shops and buy a new one. But DIY project-enthusiasts know
Having a built-in around your fireplace can be a royal addition to your living space. But if you don’t decorate it accordingly, it may just fall flat. Fireplace built-ins are a great way to increase shelving space and help refurbish the overall look of your living room. If your fireplace built-in is in your
Purple is traditionally associated with royalty. The dye in ancient times came from mollusks which made it very expensive. Deep versions of this beautiful color denote luxury, while softer shades are soothing. Here you’ll find some purple living room ideas, to give you inspiration. Purple pieces can accent a room and add passion. It
The color turquoise causes us to envision peace and tranquility.  The color conjures up images of the water and sky.  Turquoise can be warm and inviting – beachy, even.  Incorporating this color into a living room can create a very wide-open appearance and add height to small spaces. A turquoise living room can be

Living Room Decor

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