We’ll forever remember 2020 as the year that germs spread throughout the world. While the ongoing pandemic still rages across the globe, many of us are upping our hygiene game. We’re washing our hands and wearing masks, and most of us clean our home regularly – we hope. In this post, we’ll give you
It is a challenge to get the right kind of rustic bathroom lighting ideas, but it is not impossible if you have your basics covered well. Rustic bathroom lighting is not all about aesthetics. It should also provide a welcoming feeling, comfort, and ease. Adequate light helps to complete any tasks you may have
  Imagine coming home to relax in a luxuriant warm bath or perhaps, a cold shower for relief from a tumultuous day. And what better way to add visual attraction while clearing air toxins, than by adding plants that survive low sunlight in the bathroom. Not only these plants release oxygen into the air
Want to revamp a bedroom, but are on a tight budget? Minimalist bedroom designs have continued to rise in popularity over the years. These designs are simple with no fuss and frills whatsoever. The style is seen to be keen in using less ornaments with barely there details. It offers a clean vibe that

Bathroom Decor Ideas


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