Warm vs. Cold Bedroom Color Options: How To Pick Yours?

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There is nothing more exciting than overhauling your bedroom, a kid’s room or that of a nursery room. When decorating, one of the most challenging aspects is your color selection. From wall to ceiling, to furniture and knick-knacks, your bedroom color options can run from subdued to utterly wild, all dictated by your unique preference. As color has different effects to both body and mind, finding the right one or combination thereof, requires deep thinking. To give you a headstart, here are some important points to consider when picking your color choices.

Bedroom Color Options in darker tones
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The Color of Warmth And Energy

Orange bedroom color options with furniture
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Modern bedrooms are often awash with warm colors nowadays. Orange, yellows and fuzzy reds tend to dominate many abodes. But while these hues energize the body by stimulating the mind’s visual precursors, they are not highly advisable for bedtime, particularly to kids’ bedrooms and busybodies.

Orange is excellent for both communication and social interaction, however, too much of it can make the mind and body “hungry” for something. Yellow, another popular option, gives a sense of cheerfulness that brightens any room. Though a color associated with happiness and memory stimulation, too intense of a shade can prove to be distracting. Red, a common choice for kids’ bedrooms, in the belief of stimulating the brain’s analytic hemisphere and the body’s athletic ability, is actually a color associated with aggression and inability to focus when used excessively. Girly bedrooms adorned in pink from wall to ceiling, to decor? Not a good idea. While it evokes femininity and calmness, it can also trigger anxiety when done excessively.

Cold And Calming

Pastel green color bedroom options
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On the opposite side of the color spectrum, are bedroom color options that exude tranquility and calmness to the body and mind, as well as a sense of spaciousness to any room. In all these, however, darker shades must be used sparingly to prevent delivering a gloomy and forlorn ambiance.

White, gray and brown are some of the most commonly used bedroom color options. While white is purely captivating in its utmost innocence and purity, it can also be dull without any accents. A toddler’s bedroom donned in white, is also like a ticking bomb waiting to go off any minute. Gray is known to inspire deep thoughts, but too much can evoke loneliness and sadness, a powerful combination that can drive anyone to depression. Light brown and its beige-like rendition, can deliver a sense of being grounded and earth-loving. Darker ones, however, can be too much. Another calming option is blue for its coolness that alleviate anxiety. Gray-blue hues can be depressing though.

Today, many bedrooms are into green tones for its nurturing effect. Dark greens, however, continue to be a challenge, like purple and black. Both purple and black, royalty and elegant colors, are also becoming more intense in modern interior designs. A little caveat though, these colors work best in rooms with huge windows or high ceilings.

Finding the Right Balance

Yellow bed with black and white furniture
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Without a doubt, color is one of the topmost factors in interior design. Understanding of what each evokes in one’s psyche will help you choose wisely. It is only fitting to learn how bedroom color options can influence a room’s overall ambiance, as well as its boomerang effect on those who stay in it. Creating a perfect contrast, will help work to your bedroom’s advantage. Combine yellow with gray or go for different shades of yellow, and match it up with blue. A balanced combination between white and pink, or blue or a touch of red, will give a bedroom some warmth and break the glaring monotony. In everything else, go for a combination of both warm and cold bedroom color options to achieve a harmonious effect.


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