Inspiring Two Color Combinations for Bedroom Walls – Top 14 Ideas

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What is your style? Is it more bohemian bright or sophistically suave? Various color combinations reflect our style and personality. They enhance the vibe in any room and create a wonderful atmosphere. A two color combination for bedroom walls can really enhance the look of a space.

Colors affect our mood. Bold bright wall color makes a bedroom feel vibrant and energetic. Rich, dark colors create an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and relaxing.

So, what happens when you pair warmth with cool? Can contrasting colors on the spectrum live in harmony? Here is the top 14 two color combination for bedroom walls that you may never have even considered.

Bold Bohemian Chic

This option is probably the boldest color choice. It is also one of the least discussed styles to achieve.

This warm yet funky design features a subdued red with muted light-yellow accents. The subdued shade of red invites a person into the room with its warmth. It is not an overly bold, in-your-face type of color.

The resulting tone of the room is relaxing and inviting.

This wall color combination incorporates many textures and patterns into a room, allowing for a greater degree of personal expression. Walls can be painted a different color and texturized for greater diversity.

Bold Blues and Ravishing Reds (A Slightly Star-Spangled Look)

Bedrooms with this color combination just pop. They are bright, bold, and stand out, and they are indicative of a strong, confident, bold personality.

This color palate changes up a neutral bright white room with splashes of color. The ideal placement for the blue hue is on the wall above the bed. Traditionally, this is usually the darkest wall in the room.

Next, place the red on accent the wall of your choice. It usually goes for on an adjacent wall to the blue color.

Owners can also elect to forego the star-spangled look and use a blue-red combination. Both are bold choices.

Smokey Sultriness

Looking for an elegant, luxurious feel for your bedroom? Inspired by the tantalizing visual appeal of a resort or five-star hotel, this appearance easily translates into the lush bedroom of your dreams.

The smokiness of a burnt orange, combined with a regal royal purple creates an elegant, gorgeous bedroom look. Although people don’t usually pair these colors, they complement each other because they are deeper hues.

You can use this for both a master bedroom and a guest house. Incorporate it wherever a touch of luxury is required.

Grassy Greens With a Pop of Pink

two color combination for bedroom walls featuring green and pink with white brick

You can combine these two colors in a variety of creative ways. Usually, they are associated with more of a contemporary look, as they complement each other in a room with minimalistic clean lines.

You can use the various colors as contrasting accent walls or as color splashes for one wall. Homeowners can sponge a marble texturizing pattern on about ¾ of the wall leaving slight spaces in between. Pink accents can randomly dot the green marble textures for added appeal.

This design is great for a room belonging to a female or to highlight florals.

To enhance the color palette, choose bedding with clean lines and use solid color pillows for a dramatic effect. This two color combination for bedroom walls looks great, any way you slice it.

Sky Blue and Vibrant Orange

This combo tends to be a more masculine look for a bedroom. It is great for that child who is sportier in their tastes.

Pairing bright colors with a jewel color provide a wonderful accent. It brightens up a room. The vibrant color of a light orange paired with the deepness of a royal blue creates a breezy, light masculine feel to any room.

Pair it with striped furniture for added appeal.

I’m So Happy Hues

Light, bright colors create a cheerful, perky appearance to any bedroom. A sky or baby blue paired with a radiant sun yellow mimics the brightness of the outdoors.

This color pairing is not ideal for a master bedroom and is commonly found in a child’s room, guest room, or a house located in the country. The brightness of these hues has an added advantage in making small rooms appear even larger.

Southwestern Style

Here is where painting walls becomes creative. There is so much you can do with these colors!

Pairing burnt orange with a teal green adds a pop of color to any room. It makes it vibrant and visually stunning!

It creates that festive feel and creates an atmosphere of vivaciousness.

You can create interesting patterns with this color combination. Homeowners have added accent walls with two blended shades of teal and left the adjacent walls a burnt orange, creating an added depth to the room.

Classically Traditionally Earthy

two color combination for bedroom walls with earthy browns and greens

Pairing rich wooden tones with contrasting clean white walls creates a rich, traditional feel to any bedroom. It generates a warm yet royal feel. The classic wooden appearance creates a warm boldness while the white makes it feel inviting.

If the white appears too drastic or harsh, substitute a cream-color for added warmth, an effect that is especially useful if there is a fireplace in the room. Then the starkness of these two colors would be detrimental to the overall look.

The Royal Treatment

Light to a medium shade of brown paired with a cream color as accents generate that classical appearance. Brown and cream are just naturally complimentary.

You can incorporate this relatively safe color scheme in a guest room, as most people will love its classic appeal.

Mermaid’s Delight

Who would have envisioned that a color combination so simple could be so classically elegant? It can even be fun for a child’s room.

The look is plain, simple and very gorgeous! The harmonious blending of a light blue with green is visually stunning. Furniture accents in these complementary colors add to that wow effect.

While it is advisable to use light hues, the blue can have a hint of green for a more subtle appearance to life under the sea-type room.

Royal Coral

One would not think to pair a light pinkish coral with a deep, royal purple, but it truly works! Plus, you can use it effectively with so many variations!

Traditionally, people paint the walls coral and the ceiling purple. However, do not do this if you have low ceilings. This combination only works best on vaulted ceilings as it can make the room appear smaller.

To change things up, texturize the coral using a sponging, marbling method for added interest.

Beach Front Bedroom

bedroom wall combinations with beachfront view and plants

Bring the relaxing state of the room home with these gentle colors! Turquoise and cream create a beachy feel to a room. White or beige carpeting enhances the overall appeal of this design.

These colors enhance a house that is either a beachfront property or located close to the beach.

Turquoise is a beautiful yet gentle color. When paired with warm cream, the atmosphere becomes calming.

Just like when a person goes to the beach to unwind! This is one two color combination for bedroom walls that will make most people think of a tropical paradise.

Moonlight Romantic

A lilac purple paired with a whitish-grey creates a whimsically romantic cosmic feel. The accent wall by the headboard/bed is purple, while the contrasting grey on the opposing walls makes the room appear larger.

This color combination is great for a master or guest bedroom. A room with skylights also plays very well into this cosmic-inspired theme.

Romantically Red… And Pink!

Pink and red don’t always play well with each other, but it is always dependent on the hue. Bold colors on each spectrum make the choice look off; however, a medium rose paired with a dusty pink can look quite stunning.

It creates that warm, romantic feel to a room. If paired with a yellow accent, the result is over the top spectacular! The warmth of the yellow truly brings the room together and adds softness.

Final Thoughts

What category do you fall into? What color combination did you find the most visually appealing for your space?

With so many combinations to choose from, homeowners can create any atmosphere in various bedrooms in the house.

Available styles range from masculine to feminine motifs. They can be bold, bright and strong, or classical and muted. The style you choose is reflective of the individual taste and personality. It should be inviting to the person occupying that room.

Furthermore, painting the walls doesn’t have to be in just solid colors. Add texturizing to create a different feel. Using a sponge to texturize walls can generate a softer visual appeal while accenting a specific wall.

People have additionally incorporated sponging with spraying on a stone texture to create interest.

You can paint half of a wall one color and choose a complimentary second hue for the top half. Paint the ceiling a different color.

We are not limited by our imagination when painting a room. Anything is visually possible. If you pick the right two color combination for bedroom walls, the results can be fantastic.


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