Twin Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas

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Planning a child’s bedroom can be overwhelming. Add the idea of planning for two; and toddlers at that, in a bedroom built for one and you have a dilemma at hand. But like other bedrooms in the house, keeping things safe and organized in your little tots room, must be the goal in mind. To get you started, here are ways to simplify and streamline your efforts, while still coming up with a gorgeous and relaxing bedroom for your double-the-trouble spitfires. Here are some twin toddler boy bedroom ideas.

Twin Toddler Boy Bedroom in black and green

1. Begin with a theme in mind. You can choose to go sporty or go fishing with your theme. This twin toddler boy bedroom idea below, aims for a more relaxed and safe environment perfect for active toddlers– and boys! To get a nautical vibe, simply replace the football field designed rug, with one that’s reminiscent of sand or the bluish waves of the ocean. Balls can be replaced with shells, buoys, sailboats, and stuffed sea creatures. Add some sailcloth designed pillows and bed linens, and you’re good to go.

Twin toddler boy bedroom theme ideas in white

2. Have a “less is more” mindset. Just because you have twins doesn’t mean you have two of everything– except the bed, of course. Instead of squeezing two of everything, try to find furniture that works with the room. Add a single dresser and a table for a lamp. Toddler boys– and two at that!– can prove to be a magnet for disaster. Scrimping on furniture will not only give them plenty of legroom to move around, but also prevent the usual bruises from bumping into stuff as they actively move around. Twin toddler boy bedroom ideas such as this one, are something to really think about.

3. Don’t forget: toy storage. What are toddlers without toys? One of the central element in any toddler bedroom– twins or otherwise– is a string of toys. This makes the addition of a space-savvy toy organizer an important addition to your little tots’ bedroom. This Tot Tutors Kids Toy Storage Organizer, for instance, allows them to easily take out their playing items and clean-up thereafter. This helps initiate discipline, as well as teach identification, sorting and other cognitive skills. Twin toddler boy bedroom ideas which have storage, are always a bonus.

Tot Tutors Storage Organizer Collection for bedroom

4. Have a bookshelf handy. A good night’s sleep literally means reading a book to lull them to Neverland. Bedtime stories are known to not just improve a child’s vocabulary, but also their attention span. This also helps provide them the educational opportunity to learn about long-held values that will mold their character as they grow up. Of course, snuggle time with Mom or Dad reading a book means time to bond with your twins, allowing a deeper connection with them as they grow.

Sorbus Kids Bookshelf for boys bedroom

5. Choose activity table well. Physical activity is what defines most toddlers. Play being their main business, it is only fitting to provide them with furniture that nurtures their development. This 3-in-1 table-and-chairs set, for instance, comes compatible with Lego and Duplo blocks allowing them to build and experiment with whatever they can get their hands on. Think skill-building, problem solving, social skills, mental development, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and the like. With added storage underneath, you can also impose discipline by teaching them how to clean up their mess and to observe play time and proper bedtime routines.

Table Chairs Duplo Compatible Storage for boy bedroom

In A Nutshell

When it comes to crafting twin toddler boy bedroom ideas, remember this– choose a theme that exudes a consistent look and feel. Even when twins often have distinct personalities, creating a cohesive look should be foremost in your mind. You can simply play with the color scheme via bed linens and allow the rest of the room to blend in. You can also create a relaxing environment for your twin toddlers with this Boomile Ocean Wave Projector. Not only does it pacify their growing mind with soothing music, it also eases their way to sleep.

Boomile Projector Lighting Control Children bedroom idea



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