Top 7 Guest Bedroom Design Ideas

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Do you want to convert an attic, a basement or an old storage space into a guest bedroom? Guest bedroom design ideas are quite plentiful. There are spaces inside your home which can be converted into a bedroom for friends and family members to crash, during special occasions. The challenge rests on how to create a cohesive look that reflects your home’s current design– and at a small budget. So, how do you convert one without doing the usual upheavals of home improvement?

Guest bedroom for two people light blue walls

With no building codes or local zoning regulations to attend to, it is high time to put your interior designing chops into action with these ideas:

  • Get those walls repainted with a relaxing color palette. Go for warm, welcoming colors like pastels and neutrals. Shades of gold or yellow also make a room warm and inviting. You can also add blue and green to add that soothing effect to the whole space. The idea is to make the room look and feel bigger than it actually is. Just make sure the flow of paint color from the main house design remains complementary.
bed painting ideas in green and brown
  • Guestrooms must have necessary amenities. Visitors usually do not want to impose themselves on the homeowners. Designing a guest suite should include all the amenities like a bathroom to take showers and do the usual morning or evening rituals they have, as if they’re in their own home. This will give them freedom to get ready at their own pace, while also giving you and your household members the privacy you need.
White guest bathroom and bedroom ideas
  • Be careful with your choice of furniture. Go for simple yet sturdy and functional. Take note of the space, too. You wouldn’t want to buy the whole shebang when there’s no space for a side table or a sitting area. List down the style and color you want and the list of furniture needed. Staple furniture in a guest bedroom should include a bed, a recliner or a chaise lounge, a TV stand, side table with lamp, and a chest. If there’s enough space, add a small task table with chair. This guest bedroom design ideas is a good one because too much furniture isn’t always better.
bed furniture setup in white with wood accents
  • Choose complementary linens and window coverings. Consider the weather in your area when buying them. If it’s predominantly cold all year round, go for a warm bed cover and thick drapes. Warmer environments can make do with lace-y curtains and bed quilts. Whisk in pillows, throw pillows, a comforter, and the like. Pick what you believe works best with your current style.
Guest bedroom window coverings in blue and white
  • Accessorize with grace. Complete the whole look and feel of your guest bedroom with accessories that showcase your unique taste. Paintings or framed pictures on the wall, a mirror, a few indoor plants here and there, vases for flowery blooms, statues or sculptures, fluffy floor rug and, of course, don’t forget the lighting and fixtures. Tiffany lamps, a chandelier, mood lighting– whichever you believe can get the look you desire without disrupting the continuity of the outside design of your guest bedroom.
Guest bedroom design accessories in gray
  • Have enough storage space. Guests will be bringing in luggage and other items for the duration of their stay. Don’t overdo it, unless they plan to stay forever. A portable luggage rack in a closet will also add a convenient feel to the space. Guest bedroom design ideas that include storage, should always be considered.
Guest bedroom designs with storage and baskets
  • Don’t forget the “extras”. Keep an adequate supply of bed linens, pillows, towels, and the works. Some guests may also appreciate a tube of toothpaste, a bar of soap, shower gel and other items, when on a visit. Others who have kids may also love to have a play area or a crib. So keep those things in mind.
Bed with wicker tray and towels in white

Indeed, creating a guest bedroom out of a seemingly useless space can be overwhelming. Let these guest bedroom design ideas guide you. With simple tools and a minimal construction plan, you can finally convert a space into a cozy bedroom to delight loved ones and friends coming over.



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