Top 10 Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Want a more carefree look for your bedroom? Why not go for bohemian bedroom decor ideas? Think: Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller as roommates and you very well know what it’s like to live la vie boheme! A perfect blend of fun, eclectic, devil-may-care decorative style, the bohemian inspiration can be best described as casual, relaxed, superstitious and filled with warmth and light. It’s anchored on free-spirited living and the forces beyond what meets the eye.

Ideas for Bohemian bedroom decorating

When thinking of revamping your bedroom with a bohemian aspect in mind, these ideas will definitely rock.

1. Hang a woven macrame on your wall. The macrame wall hanging tapestry is a known favorite of gypsies and tribal communities as a way to prettify their walls. The one below from TimeYard is made of cotton rope knotted perfectly by local artisans to form an appealing decor item for your wall.

TIMEYARD Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Bohemian Decor for bedroom

2. Spread a distressed rug on a side corner reading nook. Boho chic design calls for rugs in varied colors and designs like this one below from Safavie Monaco. When choosing design or color, go for vibrant fuschia pink, aquamarine blue, orange, yellows, greens, and other vibrant hues. Here, you can strum a few chords on a guitar or do yoga or meditation. Bohemian bedroom decor ideas using rugs, are a great way to get that look you are wanting.

Safavieh Monaco Vintage Bohemian Distressed Area Rug in bedroom

3. You may also hang painted tapestries like this psychedelic number from Dremisland below. Wall tapestries are meant to add more personality to a rather boring area. They’re also practical and functional as they can work well as wall decor or as cover for beds, sofas and desks.

Dremisland Psychedelic Bohemian Tapestries for bedroom decor

4. Upgrade the look of your ottoman, footstool, throw pillows and the like. Look for bed covers with a unique bohemian patchwork design that exudes relaxation. This vibrant Khambadiya Patchwork cover, for instance, is made from various fabrics cut from saris and lehngas that gives a usually dreary footstool, a dramatic flair.

Bohemian bedroom decor ideas Ottoman Footstool Cover

5. Ensconced your pots and planters in a belly basket. Adding green to your bedroom is not only relaxing, it also helps to breath life into the space and improve overall air quality. To embrace a boho chic appeal, simply hide pots or planters with this Mkono Seagrass Belly Basket Plant Pot Cover to unify all the decorative elements therein. By the way, this basket can be used as a laundry storage, too.

Mkono Seagrass Belly Basket Plant Pot Cover for bedroom

6. Bring more warmth by drawing natural into your bedroom with a mirror. This Bohemian Rainbow Rhapsody Wall Mirror from DecorShore below can reflect natural light and bounce it into your bedroom, for more warmth and utmost serenity.

DecorShore Bohemian Rainbow Rhapsody Wall Mirror for bedroom

7. Don’t forget bed linens when decorating a bedroom in bohemian style. Some people love a burst of colors on their bed linens. Others simply want it to be squeaky clean looking making this White Fringed Cotton Tasseled Duvet Cover below, a perfect choice. Feel free to add matching pillows and throw pillows, too. Bohemian bedroom decor ideas are a good way to change the look of your room from dreary to wow.

White Fringed Cotton Tasseled Duvet Cover used on bed

8. Make good use of a bedroom’s corner by hanging a relaxing macrame chair. This could be transformed into a reading nook or simply an area in your bedroom where you can chill. This Out of Africa Macrame Hanging Chair from Two’s Company is quite easy to install and can be an awesome place to relax all day long.

Two's Company 51568 Out of Africa Macrame Hanging Chair used in bedroom

9. A bohemian bedroom is never complete without a dreamcatcher. Gypsies, the frontliners of the bohemian style, are never without a dreamcatcher in their rooms. Think about catching nothing but good dreams! Grab this Lomocraft Handmade DreamCatcher and hang it unto your window or above a bedframe.

Lomocraft Handmade DreamCatcher for bedroom

10. Last but not least– lights! Frame your window or a four-poster bedframe with twinkling string lights or fairy lights. Lights like this can help spice up a bedroom and give it more warmth and dramatic flair.

TaoTronics LED String Lights for bedroom

There’s no shortage of bohemian bedroom decor ideas for you to choose from. The idea is to find ones that embrace your own preference. Keep in mind that a bedroom is an intimate and deeply personal space. It’s where one rests his/her weary bones after a stressful day outside. So make sure you choose decor that “speaks” to you. Have fun!



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