Small Master Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Want to create a perfect resting haven but having trouble with limited space? Many individuals and couples nowadays lament the challenge of living in space-deprived abodes. High rises and apartments, for instance, offer minimal space in standard bedrooms, making it harder to squeeze your idea of plushy comfort, style and elegance. But while there are ways to create the best layout for a space-challenged space, these small master bedroom furniture ideas can bring in much needed help.

Master Bedroom Furniture ideas with mirrors
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Choose a bed with extra storage. A bedroom without a bed is no bedroom at all. A focal point in the room, it is where you (as well as your partner) will be deposited after a long day of rigors at work or carpooling kids for school. Choosing a bed, however, means putting comfort on a pedestal. You would not want too small a bed, leaving you or your partner squeezed tight. Go for something inviting and cozy. A queen size can make do, but make sure it has extra storage space to hold some essentials.

Brown bed with extra storage in bedroom
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This Greatime BS1111-2 Full Size Black Leatherette Storage Bed, for instance, is quite stylish and functional. Not only does it offer ultra comfort with its slatted leatherette-wrapped surface, it also offers 7.5-inch deep storage, accessible via a convenient gas-lift mechanism. You can simply stow away blankets, throw pillows, bed linens, and other items in this secret compartment.

Fancy a side table? Why not? If you have enough space on each corner of the bed, add twin side tables for symmetry and balance. Side tables can help hold a bedside lamp, an alarm clock, a sleep machine, a smartphone, a book or any thingamjigs or knick-knacks you can’t live without before bedtime. The idea is to choose a minimalist side table, one that offers storage as well as style. Side tables are small master bedroom furniture ideas that are great additions

Glass side table next to bed
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This makes this Gold Finish Metal Glass Chair Side End Table a perfect choice. It’s clear design creates an illusion of bigger space. It also doubles as a stool, book shelf and display table.

Finish Metal Glass Chair Table in bedroom

eHomeProducts Side Table/Chair

How about a moveable wardrobe? You can dream all you like about Carrie Bradshaw’s mind-blowing walk-in closet or Mariah’s astounding one. But when smacked in a master bedroom that has the square-inch footage of either Carrie or Mariah’s bathroom, it’s time to get real. Instead, choose to make good use of your bedroom walls for starters. Recessed walls being customized into built-in wardrobe closets are excellent for small master bedrooms. There are also standalone portable wardrobes which you may want to consider.

KOUSI Portable Wardrobe Organizer in light bedroom
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This KOUSI Portable Closet Wardrobe Organizer, for instance, offers a reliable space to put your personal stash. Easy to assemble and designed smartly with spacious storage, you can enjoy hassle-free maintenance without hogging too much space.

KOUSI Portable Closet Wardrobe Organizer in bedroom

KOUSI Portable Closet Wardrobe Organizer

Add a mirror to your dresser. Some bedrooms may not require a dresser, but such plays an integral part in a well-arranged master bedroom space. Here, one can embellish a room’s decorative style while adding the functionality of storing cosmetics and jewelry, and a slew of personal pieces. The key idea is to coordinate bed, closet and dresser material for fluidity that’s easier to the eye. Adding a mirror on top of the dresser will serve two purposes– for personal grooming and for creating an illusion of a much bigger space. Of course, this is on top of a full-body mirror which you can plaster on a wall. This is an example of small master bedroom furniture ideas that anyone can use to get spruced up in the morning before work, or a gathering with friends.

Small master bedroom ideas for furniture in gray
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Do steer clear of bulky dressers when getting one. This Frenchi Home Furnishing 2 Piece Home Furnishing Stool Set & Vanity makes an excellent choice. For the price of one, you get the whole set– bench and drawer with mirror. Choose what type of finish you want by clicking the link above or picture below.

Frenchi Home Furnishing Vanity Espresso in bedroom

Frenchi Home Furnishing 2 Piece Home Furnishing Stool Set & Vanity

Add a loveseat, a futon or perhaps, a storage ottoman on the foot of the bed. This seat area at the foot of the bed helps ease your way to dressing up and wearing shoes. It also helps to enhance its appearance. While others would love the elegance of a divan, a futon or a rectangular ottoman, the main contention is to choose one that doesn’t add to the claustrophobic scene but rather offers added storage to the space. Small master bedroom furniture ideas that add one of these, will always give you more places to store all your items.

bedroom storage ottoman cool beige folding at foot of bed
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This Emily Rectangular Storage Ottoman from DHP offers a modern take to your bedroom design. It also comes with a hidden storage compartment for you to enjoy. Choose color HERE.

DHP Emily Rectangular Storage Ottoman in black

DHP Emily Rectangular Storage Ottoman

Picking the Right Furniture Type

These small master bedroom furniture ideas cover the basics in creating a relaxing and welcoming space. When choosing furniture, however, it is essential to first have a theme in mind. Wicker furniture, for example, is great for cozy Mediterranean design but can be bulky for bedrooms with limited space. Instead, go for sleek minimalist clear or steel design to truly imbibe an open, fluid space.

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