Minimalist Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

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Want to revamp a bedroom, but are on a tight budget? Minimalist bedroom designs have continued to rise in popularity over the years. These designs are simple with no fuss and frills whatsoever. The style is seen to be keen in using less ornaments with barely there details. It offers a clean vibe that converts a bedroom into an ultra relaxing personal sanctuary. If you wish to emulate the same, without causing a huge dent in your money bag, these minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget will definitely rock.

Minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget with light walls plants and floor artwork

Subtle Color Motif. The one thing that’s persistent in a minimalist bedroom is this– simplicity. Minimalist designs tend to be for monochromatic color themes like all white, black and white, gray with black, or any single muted color. A neutral bedroom palette does not only exude the utmost relaxation, but is also effortless for maintenance as well. So, you may want to repaint it and start mixing and matching design elements from there.

Clean-cut Bed. Regardless of the design, choosing the right bed should be foremost on your list. Considered the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, many minimalist interior designs go for a low profile platform type. Frameless beds are readily available in Home Depots today. DIY fanatics also go for upcycled wooden crates, bundled up to create a functional bed with storage. Simply dress it up with a bold or silky satiny bedding, like this number from Pinzon’s below. Add a pop of color via a corner chair and voila! That’s one dramatic bed beckoning you to rest.

Pinzon 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hemstitch Sheet Set Queen, Dusty Blue

Get artsy. Apart from a bed and some storage, many minimalist designers consider other decorative elements, not so ideal additions to their space. Minimalism embraces clean lines that exude a no fuss vibe to anyone who uses the space. To balance it out, add an engaging piece of artwork that will draw one’s eye. You can check out some of the best selections HERE. Simply prop one or two on the floor, or hang on the wall to add charm to your bedroom.

Mirror splendor. For small bedrooms, creating an illusion of spaciousness is essential. Aside from paring down furniture and decorative elements, consider propping up a mirror on the floor. This will not only welcome natural light into its midst, creating a cleaner, more commodious cocoon for you to rest upon. Mirrors can be found in lots of places for cheap making them one of the better minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget.

modern minimalist bedroom with white table lamp and floor mirror

Extra attention to lighting. Don’t just settle for the usual nightstand as a bedside table. Suspended cord lights have become a sensation in many modern homes and high rise units these days. Some inject fun with the use of string lights plastered on the wall like glittering waterfalls. To rev up a pared down bedroom, however, you may want to add wall sconces like the ones below.

White room with sconce lighting above horizontal artwork in white frame with gold table and white furniture

Unassuming storage. Look for platform beds with integrated storage. This will not only help with clutter, but also minimizes a feeling of bulkiness within the space. A floating night stand in this serene bedroom below, for instance, can accommodate a wicker basket or movable storage beneath. You can even add a leaning chair for more revved up functionality in an erstwhile subdued space. Storage that is unassuming is always one of the better minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget.

Minimalist bedroom with wood paneling walled windows and white chair

Plants and blooms. Breathe life into a low profile bedroom with plants or blooms. A pop of color from orchids hanging near the window or a dainty floral arrangement, can add warmth to a seemingly cold detached space. Green leafy plants and succulents are also great choices to add in a minimalist bedroom. You may also craft your own terrarium for added style.

Small plants in round decorative glass on table in front of book

Creating an impact to a streamlined space can be a tad overwhelming, particularly when money’s tight. Fret-not, with these ingenious minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget, you can finally revamp your old space and create an exciting new one to keep stressors away. Enjoy!

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