Feng Shui For Kids Bedroom: 13 Tips To Implement

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Feng Shui is an ancient practice that aims to improve the environmental conditions, which in turn promotes the harmony and well-being of humans and the environment. Decorating our homes with Feng Shui can make dwellings more happy, comfy and harmonious. Using this art form in your child’s bedroom is definitely a novel idea. It will bring vibrancy, health and a feeling of joy to the space and at the same time, give relief from the chaos that is normally associated with a child’s room. Feng shui allows a favorable flow of energy called qi. Below we will have some Feng shui for kids bedroom ideas you should consider.

Feng Shui will bring a free open space, ushering in harmony avoiding clutter and chaos. It will create a place that your kid will love and feel happy and empowered.

Children grow up quick and so you must stay focused. Design trends keep changing and you have to match the companionship and happiness the child enjoys with the decorations.

Feng Shui and the Kids Bedroom

Bedrooms are resting spaces where you retire and recollect. But the story is entirely different when we think about the bedroom of your child. These are spaces that are full of activity which goes on with a continuous physical movement, in addition to emotional and mental activity. So there is a mix of functions in this room and so Feng shui is not quite easy here.

At most times, a child’s bedroom doubles as his game room and study also. But the three activities definitely require variable energy levels and environments. So you will often find a child’s bedroom with stuffed animals, desks, games, beds and clothes. Ultimately the bed gets surrounded by lots of stimuli that may hamper the rest. Again some bedrooms have such colors that are too strong for stimulating the growth of the child.

But you can always follow these tips so that an atmosphere of zen is created in the bedroom of your child.

1) Can we have separate rooms for other activities?

It is not wise to mix up various functions in your kid’s bedroom. Sleeping is best kept separate from other functions. If more rooms are available in the house, it can be done and the bedroom can be made an exclusive resting zone. If there are no extra rooms, we can solve the issue by creating double-height bedrooms.

2) How about a double-height bedroom?

Feng Shui For Kids Bedroom in neon green with guitar and ceiling fan
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We can create double-height bedrooms which allow the rest area to be totally outside the play zone. If the ceiling is made high, then the bed can be placed in the upper zone which the child can access by a staircase. The bed is then located in a higher area.

The resting place can be strengthened by a headboard or fixed bed and maybe a carpet that will delimit this area. Also, there should be no shelves near the bed. You may place a chest at the foot of the bed so that the child leaves all their belongings there before moving on to the bed.

3) How to use lights and furniture?

Clear lights in the resting area will give a feeling of relaxation and calmness. Also, toys should be put away to avoid clutter.

Drawers and furniture can come in handy here as the objects are kept behind the doors.

4) Create Harmony

Feng shui For kids bedroom in pastels for girl room
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Harmony is what Feng shui brings along. In the case of your kid’s bedroom, nothing should stand out too much. The harmonious atmosphere should be created, incorporating the pictures, toys, figures, and books. All of these together should emanate a positive feel without being too flashy. Striking objects are better kept in drawers or chests.

Electronic devices like computers and televisions should be far from the resting area. They should be in a different part of the house, maybe in the living or dining room. If you are compelled to keep them in the bedroom, they are best left out of the field of vision by hiding them behind a piece of furniture with blinds or doors.

5) Play area in the kid’s bedroom – Furniture

Feng shui invites the free flow of Chi and our greatest source of Chi is our kids. So if they have to play in the bedroom they should feel free to play there. So the furniture should be chosen in ways that it can be organized at any given time. That means you will need easy to move and light furniture, so that the child can be given more play area if they need it.

6) Flooring

The bedrooms should also have a floor where the child can lie down easily and for that, wooden floors are the best. But if that cannot be assured, proper rugs are absolutely essential. The child should feel comfortable and warm. Flooring is a pretty important aspect when it comes to Feng shui for kids bedroom.

7) Placement of Bed

According to Feng Shui experts, there exists an ideal spot which is known as the commanding position where you should place your child’s bed for their restful sleep. This position aids with sleep issues as it puts your kid in command of their room. They are able to view who is entering and is thus not surprised with sudden entry. Also, it is preferable that the bed is not directly under a window.

8) Where do you place the bunk beds?

Feng shui layout with wooden bunk beds with orange couch and storage
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Again, according to experts bunk beds are not perfect for kids as they will sleep very close to the ceiling and this will lead to compression of their energy. If you really have a space shortage or your kids prefer bunk beds, the feng shui tips have to be kept in mind.

Bunk beds save space and can be fun only if the kids feel happy and are comfortable sleeping in them. They should sleep well and have good health. While some kids prefer such cozy dens, others feel as if they are stuck in a claustrophobic atmosphere.

It is better to use wood than metal and the beds should be sturdy and stable. The overhead part of the lower bed should be painted in a nice color as that will give an impression of a bigger space. You can hang some mobiles to allow qi circulation.

9) How to increase self-confidence with Feng shui?

Does your child need a boost of self-confidence? In that case, place a full-length mirror in their room. It should be placed so that the mirror is hung at her eye level. If the mirror is too high, they will feel that they will never be able to measure up to that level.

White room with large mirror and chandelier with storage book shelves
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Also, fill their room with images that will support and truly uplift them. Like an image of a teen pop star may not be a good idea if their message is superficial. The best artwork of the child may be displayed in a frame or a photograph showing a special moment with loved ones; can also be hung. This will be supportive and comforting. Feng shui for kids bedrooms that supports self confidence can really be a game changer.

10) Choose the Best Colors

The bedroom of your child should have the exact balance of yang and yin energy. This means it should neither be too bright nor too dark but have some sort of harmony with the personality and taste of your child. In case of walls, bright colors like neon bright or busy wallpaper should be avoided. This is because it would stimulate your child too much, affect their central nervous system and disturb their sleep.

Feng shui room with wood ceiling and large open sliding window
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It is better to use pastel blues, pinks, or greens to create a calming atmosphere as these colors are soothing and healing according to the feng shui world. The colors should strengthen the energy foundation of the small ones and help them feel happy and harmonious growth.

Find out which feng shui colors are best suited for your child and color the decor accessories with that idea in mind. Some feng shui cures can also be used in a subtle and modern way to get the desired result.

Like if your child is shy, you may use art with warm, reassuring colors and big open horizons. While if they are a bit unruly, you may hang a photo of parents in the room, which will calm their energy. Colors in your child’s bedroom should not provide too much stimulation. If the child is up to 12 or 14 years, you must use soft tones, preferably cold, to compensate for the Fire element which is already part of the nature of kids. So blue tones are recommended for a child’s room which is a total no-no in an adult bedroom.

Another good option is greens, as they stimulate growth and relaxation. Other admissible tones are salmon, ocher, pink, earthy, or orange as these increase stability and provide warmth.

11) Avoid Clutter

Ask your children to put their toys away once they are done with playing, as a peaceful night’s sleep is not possible within a messy playground. A clutter-free room is not required just for sleep, but also for homework. Actually, everything has its own place and you need to use many covered baskets, boxes, stylish big bags, or other creative storage ideas so that you can clean up all the mess quickly.

Organizing and clearing clutter is absolutely essential in your child’s bedroom. The system has to be clear to avoid low energy and chaos. The clutter-free environment will give you more energy.

But for creating this clear organized system, always involve your child in the procedure. They will assist you in cleaning clutter not only in their rooms, but in all the rooms of the house. Feng shui for kids bedroom is easier to implement with a less cluttered room in general.

12) Fresh Air

Fresh air is a very important feng shui component in any space and more so in your kid’s bedroom, which will always have a continuous influx of gadgets, toys, books, clothes, and more. The air quality in this room should be monitored and the windows should remain open often.

You can use many air-purifying plants which will keep the air healthy and also bring natural beauty to their rooms. Feng Shui also says that you may add an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser to be used as and when required.
If your child is feeling a bit tired and unwell, you may go for lemongrass, eucalyptus, and peppermint and the kid will feel the energy. Again if they are feeling restless and cranky, a few drops of lavender and chamomile can do a world of good.

13) Artwork

Involve your kid in picking art that they want to hang in their bedroom. These should have a reflection of their interests – it may be music or any other hobby. They can also put up their own artwork. If the child has difficulty in falling asleep, there should be no artwork with fast-moving images like transportation motifs or crashing waves in his bedroom.

The main objective of Feng shui is to change the kid’s bedroom into a loving, healthy, and safe zone. Then only will it provide physical and emotional support as your child grows and goes through various experiences. Artwork is one of the easier Feng shui for kids bedroom ideas to really utilize.



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