5 Bedroom Decor Under $150 That’ll Make Your Guests Envious

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Every now and then, you may get the sudden feeling of wanting to redesign your bedroom, or simply try something new with it. It could be a burst of inspiration from somewhere, something you saw online or even just a sense of wanting to break the monotony! Whatever the reason, it’s a completely natural feeling. However, getting to the next step can often be a little dicey and maybe even discouraging when you start ‘canvassing’ the costs of your ‘vision’! This is especially the case if you go to some of the popular stores for bedroom add-ons. Not to worry! There is a lot of bedroom decor under $150 that won’t break your savings account. If you want to see what’s available, you may want to check out this list.

1.    Large Corner Wall Mount Shelf (~$40)

Danya B. XF11035 Large Rustic Decorative 5 Tier Corner Floating Wall Mount Display Shelving Unit Walnut
Photo Credit : www.amazon.com

Shelving doesn’t have to just be the usual rectangular piece with shelves fit in; you can also turn it into something aesthetically pleasing yet completely useful.  This shelving is also a great way to really use up all possible space in your room! You could keep a few books, some small sculptures, drawings, pictures and anything else medium sized in this decorative shelving!

2.   Hosley’s Elegant Expressions Set of 3 Black Ceramic Vases (~$20)

Hosley Set of 3 Black Ceramic Vases in Gift Box
Photo Credit : www.amazon.com

These simple but elegant vases are great as decor on their own by placing it above furniture, in blank parts of shelves or even in empty parts of the room. The simplicity of the design makes them lovely to look at, and they’re deceptively inexpensive too! If you need somewhere to put a fresh bouquet of flowers, these are great to use as well. Choosing the right type and color of flowers to match this vase can really put an accent into your room. This is great bedroom decor under $150 that will go with any darker color scheme for a room.

3.    Nest – Black Metal Round Umbrella Stand (~$62)

Nest Black Metal Round Umbrella Stand Modern Home Decor
Photo Credit : www.amazon.com

Simple accents can really make a distinct difference and it helps more when they are items you actually use too! With this beautiful, modern design, you can turn something as mundane as an umbrella stand into an art piece or something to add aesthetic value to your room. Bedroom decor doesn’t have to be entire pieces of furniture or just paintings, but even small items like this. It could be a great way to add a little design to your room!

4.    Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug One Pelt Ivory Natural Fur (~$55)

Super Area Rugs Sheepskin-Single Luxury Fur Shag Natural Ivory Area Rug
Photo Credit : www.amazon.com

Adding a small rug is never that much of a bad thing in the bedroom, especially if you don’t use any carpeting or other rugs on your floor. It is a way to really utilize all spaces in your room and make sure that there is something decorating it. This gorgeous white rug is actually discounted on Amazon by almost $200, so this one is definitely a steal given that it’s real sheepskin!  Be careful with how you place this in your room, however, as this is actually a bit of a loud accent if you have wooden floors. It is best to place it in the right area and complement it with matching items of complementary style and color. This bedroom decor under $150 looks great and will be soft on your feet.

5.    Silk Decor 4-Feet Tri Ball Boxwood Topiary Plant, Green/Two-tone (~$130)

Silk Decor 1 4'TRI Ball Boxwood Greenery 48-in Two Tone Green

Don’t want to have to take care of your own plant? This one is a great option as far as faux plants go, especially because it can give some aesthetic to your room as well and fill in spaces that need something to be placed in it. It could be a space between your wall and your desk or dresser, or simply just an empty corner in need of a bit of design. What’s great about using this bedroom decor under $150, is that it’s very subtle. It doesn’t have any maintenance hassle that a real plant would and it doesn’t drastically change the way your room looks. It’s also not difficult to match with any type of decor your room would have, since it is quite neutral. Thus, it is quite perfect as a simple item to spruce up your room!

All of these items are under $150. This is especially true if you buy them on Amazon. These bedroom decor under $150 can do such a great, yet subtle job of adding some more design and personality into your bedroom. None of these items are even big enough to cause obstruction or to force you to move things around too much. They are nice accents that match mostly any type of room you have, regardless of the design, color and atmosphere. Try checking them out and seeing if you may have a spot in your room for any of them!


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