7 Modern Bedroom Chandelier Ideas To Spruce Up Your Interior

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Planning a bedroom revamp? Why not go for modern bedroom chandelier ideas that offer style and comfort, without spending so much? Many homeowners often forget the importance of lighting fixtures when it comes to sprucing up their bedroom’s interior. One of such is the use of chandeliers, which basically transform a bedroom into a space of comfort, elegance and ambiance. Eye-catching and tasteful, they deliver a sense of having a well-adorned space. When planning to hang one in any of your home’s bedrooms, the following choices truly mesmerize.

1. Crystal Chandeliers

Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystal Raindrop Chandelier in black bedroom

Crystal light fixtures transform a bedroom ceiling into utter elegance. From a raindrop design like the one above from Saint Mossi Chandeliers to waterfalls, geometric shapes, teardrops and other shapes cut and polished to perfection, crystal chandeliers add a sense of class and grandeur while illuminating your resting place. All you need to do is pick one that either hangs or sticks to the ceiling.

2. Shaded Chandeliers

Jac D’Lights Modern Chandelier with Black Shade in bedroom

Add a hint of drama to your bedroom’s ambiance with a chandelier encased in a shade. From rose gold to grey to black, this elegant piece of light fixture captures and adds a more intimate feel to your bedroom space. This chandelier above with crystal balls suspended in the air and encased in a black shade, truly lends an elegant feel to a modern minimalist space. Bedroom chandelier ideas like this one, add a lot of elegance to a room.

3. Design Your Own

UNITARY Modern Nature White LED Acrylic 3-Ringed Pendant Light for bedroom

Some modern bedroom chandeliers today can actually be designed on your own. Take this 3-ringed model from Unitary Home World. Built with an adjustable cord, it can be assembled in varing height or angle, and basically get the appearance you wish to present. Stack the rings up. Create a tri-level light fixture or perhaps, design it like the one above. Take your pick!

4. Sputnik Style

Sputnik Chandelier Lighting VINLUZ for bedroom

The sputnik chandelier design, like the opal blown glass design from Vinluz above, is perfect for a budding teenager’s bedroom or one who loves Science so much. Trendy and futuristic, this type of chandelier is often a staple in many contemporary and minimalist homes for the dramatic flair it brings without sacrificing illumination and overall design.

5. Orbs and Candles

Revel Kira Home Orbits II Modern Sphere Orb Chandelier for modern bedroom

Recreate a stunning master bedroom with an orb and candles chandelier. Think of bulbs that flicker like candles fitted inside a stunning orb like the one from Revel-Kira Home Orbits above. It does not only transform a seemingly dreary room into one of utmost elegance, the ambient light emanating from those candle-lit bulbs truly add more drama and intimacy into a master’s bedroom.

6. One-Light

Pdelicate 1 Light Chandelier for bedroom

If you want something sleeker and more modern minimalist design, the one-light chandelier like the one above from PDelicate is truly astounding. You can choose a round variety, conical or any shape that you fancy. Funky and contemporary, installing two for small sized chandeliers or a huge one at the center of the bedroom ensures needed balance and elegance in your overall design. This is one of the more popular bedroom chandelier ideas.

7. Fun With Kids Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Pastel Colored Bubbles Chandelier I

Bedroom chandeliers don’t only focus on adding a sense of grandeur or elegance to a modern bedroom, it can also add more sass to a kid’s bedroom. Pastel colored crystal balls that come in various sizes can deliver a funky chic atmosphere to your kids bedroom. Think about it as an added decorative element to add more personality to a bedroom. Kids will definitely love it!

These modern bedroom chandelier ideas are but the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of designs out there that can be used as both a central lighting system and a focal point in your room. By simply hanging one, you can transform your space with style and grace sans the thousand-dollar price tag.



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