7 Master Bedroom Decor Ideas For New Couples

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Are you looking for master bedroom decor ideas as a new couple? New relationships often bring new responsibilities and a new outlook on life. It heralds a new beginning for two people as they journey into life as one. With two personalities in play, giving due attention to how a home is organized, definitely makes sense. Where else can intimacy, trust and respect start, but in the comfort of the master bedroom. Read on for some master bedroom decor ideas for new couples.

While other spaces inside a home may also be important, life as a couple begins and ends in this space. Thus, finding a way to integrate a sense of style and taste as a couple, into a single resting space, will help create a positive and cozy space to help build your dreams together.

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When thinking of decorating a master’s bedroom, here are some useful ideas to remember.

1. It’s all about the bed. One of the most important master bedroom decor ideas for new couples should, of course, start with a cozy and comfortable bed. There’s a reason why it’s called a “bedroom”. Apart from choosing a size that fits both of you comfortably, it must not also be too big that it occupies the whole space. The mattress and the padded layers must be soft and comfortable, but a little firm for excellent spine support. You can add lace-y curtains to make it more enchanting. The idea is to make it as restful as possible, without losing romance.

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2. Keep it hot with a luscious color palette. Colors influence your mood, as well as that of your partner’s. From the wall to the ceiling, curtains and carpet, as well as bed linens, choosing hues that complement each other while exuding relaxing and positive vibes will do great. Think mint green, sleepy yellow, beige or all white. Powder blue is another great option as it balances the masculinity and femininity of the couple. The rule is that– if you use dark colors on your walls, lighter and brighter colors must be used for curtains, bed linens, and carpet– and vice-versa.


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3. Of course, soft and smooth– linens, that is. A bedroom will need linens not only to ensure comfort, but also for proper hygiene. When choosing fabric for your bed, curtains, pillow cases, and so on, one must also focus on maintenance and overall feel. Yes, pricey Egyptian or pima cottons are still the “in” thing these days. They are durable and breathable making them perfect choices for all seasons. Satin and linen also make great options. Their silky feel adds more sensuality into the whole mix. Do check for allergies with a partner before deciding what to buy.


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4. Think sexy in terms of privacy. The window treatment is another important master bedroom decor ideas for new couples. Lace-y curtains on four-poster beds, give an added sensual charm to the whole space. Apart from romance, curtains add a sense of privacy to the whole space. Do use cool, soft hues that soothe the senses. Patterned fabric may also add a more sensual attraction to the whole space.


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5. Add some lighting effects. From photography to your bedroom, the magic of illumination brings changes so astounding, to make love and passion flourish in your home. You can choose to have a chandelier for that bedroom glow, table or floor lamps for radiance and for the quintessential book-reading session before retiring to la-la-land, and possibly wall and LED lighting with a dimmer, to emit a majestic vibe. The idea is to place these lighting fixtures in strategic places to enhance different moods.


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6. Give a touch of artistry and whiff some magic into the air. Draw the eye into a tantalizing wall art. It could be a painting, monogram of your names or initials, a mirror, a sculpture– virtually anything that draws the eye into the center of the room. Some use decals or picture frames, too. Aside from art work, adding decorative scented candles and knick-knacks collected over the years, also adds more drama to your space.


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7. Don’t forget plants! Fresh flowers in a crystal vase can help add a sense of optimism and style to a seemingly dreary master’s bedroom. Of course, plants like English Ivy, rubber plant, Barberton daisy, bamboo palm, hanging orchids, and so on make great additions, too. Place small pots on your windowsill or place one over a corner. Apart from adding aesthetic value, you will also be improving air quality of the bedroom. Master bedroom decor ideas for new couples like this are always a popular option.


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Welcome to your chance at a happily ever after, by breathing new life into your private space. Let these master bedroom decor ideas for new couples be your guide. Do remember to get your partner’s opinion when deciding on any changes to ensure balance and harmony.



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