7 Makeover Ideas to Squeeze More Space from a Small Bedroom

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Make the most of your small bedroom with a selection of fabulous bedroom decor ideas. If you have a small bedroom, you may feel that you are limited in design options. Through better organization, careful furniture selection, and simple design concepts, you can expand your sleeping area and maximize the space that you have available.Homeowners will love these stylish makeover ideas to squeeze more space from a small bedroom.

#1 – Scale Your Furniture Down

When you have limited space, you should reconsider keeping your large dresser or nightstand. Scale your furniture down or pick items that have a smaller footprint. Do you really need a king size bed? Go with a queen or full size bed.

#2 – Use Vertical Spaces

Make better use of your vertical spaces. Instead of a wide dresser, using a narrow dresser with more height will free up some extra space and still provide as much storage space. Choosing taller furniture can allow you to squeeze in more function into your room without using up your available room. This is one of the great makeover ideas to squeeze more space from a small bedroom and improve it’s look at the same time.

#3 – Use Open Furniture

Open furniture is a term used for furniture that offers open space. This includes an iron bed frame or a nightstand with an open area below it. You can use the open areas for adding more storage, such as below the bed, or to give the room a breezy, open feel.

Makeover ideas to squeeze more space from a small bedroom including open furniture
#4 – Create More Height with Wall Art

Use wall art and other decorations to give more height to your small bedroom. Drawing attention away from your horizontal space will create a more open appearance. Divide your wall into thirds, and use this as a guideline for hanging art – keeping everything along the top third of the wall.

#5 – Use a Light Color for the Ceiling

Even if you do not have tall ceilings, you can create the look and feel of a taller room by using a light color for the ceiling. Consider painting your ceiling white or at least choose a color that is lighter than the color used on the walls. It may be just optics but this is another example of makeover ideas to squeeze more space from a small bedroom, that does make the room seem bigger.

#6 – Add a Tall Headboard

In a small bedroom, your bed is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in the room. A tall headboard will help make use this focal point. At the same time, avoid using a tall footboard, as that will keep your bedroom from having an open and airy feeling.

#7 – Limit Your Bedroom Storage

As a final tip for squeezing more space out of your bedroom, limit your bedroom storage. Only keep bedroom items in your bedroom. Utilize the storage space available in other parts of your home. Place your out of season clothing in a storage bin outside of your bedroom. Keep the television out of there and any other items that you do not need at night. Overall, go for a minimalist, contemporary style by limiting furniture and decor.

Limit Your Storage in small gray and white bedroom

With a few simple bedroom decor ideas, you can instantly create more space in your bedroom. Try to limit furniture and other items. Open up your room by making use of vertical space and painting your ceiling with a light color. Consider incorporating several of these makeover ideas to squeeze more space from a small bedroom and get as much space out of your bedroom as possible. By using these 7 restyling tips, you can design a whole new bedroom!


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