7 Hip and Tech Savvy Kids Room Decor for Boys

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Decorating a boy’s room can be a challenging endeavor. Apart from finding the right color palette and design, finding the right kids room decor for boys also adds to the dilemma. But with kids into technology nowadays, it is only fitting to look for decorative items which can pique their interest and curiosity. To give your boy’s room some pizazz, here are some kids room decor for boys ideas. which can add more interest to his room than anything else.

1. Projector

Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector
Source: soyacincau.com

Ditch the television set and get into the groove with the Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector. This one can be easily placed next to a wall or on the floor then, turn it into a movie theater, a photo gallery, or a life-sized window in stunning 4K color and clarity. Image size can be easily adjusted to suit your boy’s preference, too. All it takes is a mere 7-inch space from the wall to fully appreciate the enduring beauty it delivers. Beam the galaxy unto the ceiling along with some lullabies for that peaceful night sleeping.

Then, there was light..

2. Einstein Light

Plasma Ball KID Toy Speaker Electrostatic Ball Night Light creative gift
Jazz up your kid’s room with this Plasma-Speaker Electrostatic Nightlight. Powered by electricity via USB or batter, this plasma slash speaker makes a great addition to your side table or vanity. Say goodnight to the coolest nightlight ever! When looking for a unique light source this is one of the kids room decor for boys ideas you should consider.

For the sleepyhead..

3. Clocky

clocky motorized alarm clock runs away nanda home
Source: boredpanda.com

Boys are the hardest to wake up. It takes a bulldozer to make them move from their comfort blankets to that much-needed shower. But Clocky saves the day! This sensational alarm clock doesn’t just snooze and die down after a while. No, no, no! Instead it will roll off and move around like a miniature bulldozer running amok. That’s one wickedly fun way to wake up!

What’s in a seat?

4. Gaming Chairs

X Rocker 5171401 Fox Wireless 2.1 Sound Video Gaming Chair
Who doesn’t want to have a gaming chair? If boys are to choose between a futon and this one, the X-Rocker Fox2.1 Audio Gaming Chair is definitely the runaway winner. Made of a durable mesh-and-polyester seating surface, this ergonomic relaxing seat comes with 2.1 wireless stereo sound complete with subwoofer, side-facing speakers with headset, volume and bass controls, and other features to suit your gamer’s quirkiness. Kids room decor for boys like this is great for games like Fortnite or the Call of duty, series of games.

Next is for the creatives..

5. Toca Paper Creatures

Toca Paper Creatures
Source: toca-boca.myshopify.com

Though the Toca Boca is technically considered a play set, the finished product makes a great kids room decor for boys. Think about colorful animated characters to slot together. One may even expand his imagination to create new ones by mixing and matching the design pieces in a box. Simply create, secure and place on a shelf or desk to add color to a room or space.

Next is for the future mechanic..

6. Hayne’s DIY V8 Engine

Haynes DIY V8 Engine by Perisphere Trylon Games
Have a budding mechanic? Let him build his own decor with this Haynes DIY V8 Engine. With more than 100 parts and an easy-to-digest manual, your little boy can have a fully-functioning petrol engine in no time. Finished engine can be placed on the table or on a shelf resembling a trophy. This is one piece of kids room decor for boys that is practical, as well improving your boys skills.

How about a robo-friend?

7. Meccano Meccanoid Personal Robot

MEccano Meccanoid G15 KS Robot
Source: meccano.com

If you have the money to spare then, go for the MEccano Meccanoid G15 KS Robot. This personal robo-friend has more than 1,100 pieces and a cool manual to guide your boy. The LEGO in mechanized robotics, the G15 can be “taught” to mimic your speech and movement. How cool is that as a moving decor in your boy’s room?

Indeed, how awesome is technology! This selection of some of the coolest tech savvy kids room decor for boys is only the tip of the iceberg. You can actually create a room filled with boyhood spirit and fun as well as functionality. With this, you can guarantee getting a thumbs up from your precocious one.


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