7 Creative Corner Furniture Ideas For Bedroom

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We tend to not give any mind to our bedroom’s corners. Not only is the area limited, we have the mentality that solutions can be hard to attain. Often, we also seem to be more content with the idea of “less is more” when it comes to bedroom furnishings. With just a bed, a bedside table and a lamp, we can simply lie down, relax or take a nap. But as you grow more grounded, the idea of lounging in the comfort of the bedroom becomes more enticing—and you can basically convert these little corner places into something exuberant. To start off, here are 7 creative corner furniture ideas for bedroom taken from various house tours.

1. Reading Spot

Reading chair in corner of room

Craft a reading spot in a bedroom’s corner space. Here, you can read books to your heart’s content or simply watch from an open window or glass pane how the world outside changes. Armed with a cup of Java, you can cozily wedge yourself into an obscure space which seems to hug you as you curl up and read a favorite novel, biography or perhaps, do a cross-stitch design.

2. Get the Hang of It

Hanging rattan corner chair with stuffed alien

If you have a teen in the house or a kid with extra sensory needs, this hanging rattan chair ensconced on a corner is a welcoming idea. Unique and creative, this can add a dramatic flair to an unassuming corner while generating a sense of warmth to the bedroom resident.

3. Go Custom Storage

Custom Storage corner furniture ideas for bedroom with bunk beds

Save up on every square inch of a bedroom by installing a custom-made cabinet or closet. Not only does this maximize space, it also helps clear the clutter and create more breathing area. If custom-made closet is too much for your budget, go forth with your carpentry skills and build it on your own.

4. Dress It Green

Plant corner furniture ideas for bedroom with windows

Adding something green to your inner sanctum is one way of putting some sense of vibrancy to a space. Place some plants, either hanging or on a stand, to help lessen the rooms carbon footprint. Plants breathe fresh air into your space. Not only are plants beautiful, their holders can be sculptural, too.

5. Showcase Passion

Passion corner furniture ideas for bedroom with blue surfboard

Showcase your life’s passion by creating an altar-like corner in your bedroom. This surfboard simply showcases the room owner’s love for the sun and waves—and all things tribal. Skis, paddles, and all other passionate items can become great decorative element when placed strategically in a corner.

6. Corner Office

Corner office furniture ideas for bedroom with desk and tv

Find a corner table and convert this unassuming space into a mini-office. Perhaps, one of the most productive corner furniture ideas for bedroom, this allows you to easily have access to rest when doing taxing reports.

7. Corner Library

Corner Bookshelf furniture ideas for bedroom with desk
Aside from creating a reading nook, you might want to make good use of the remaining space on top by putting in book shelves. Shelves are creative ways to display both books and favorite items on a corner adding storage value to a bedroom. There are various ready-to-install shelves nowadays which you can match with the current bedroom design.

Truly, a room’s corner does not have to be an ignored, forgotten area. Make it more functional by turning it into any of these corner furniture ideas for bedroom. With this, you can take full advantage of every square-inch space of your home.



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