7 Cool Master Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Sleep is one of the key elements that makes life sweeter. To be healthy, people need at least 8 hours of sleep each day. But do you know that often, the cause of sleep disturbance lies in your choice of bedroom furniture? Style, fit and a good sense of balance are keys to choosing bedroom furniture. Though the size of the space may well dictate the sizes of these furniture and other decorative elements that go with it, it doesn’t hurt to get something that you would love to jump into, doze off, and also love to wake up to. To kickstart your search, here are some master bedroom furniture ideas.

1. King or Queen

Master bedroom furniture ideas
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Decide carefully if you want a king or queen size bed for your master bedroom. This decision often relies on the available space and the comfort level you and your partner crave. If you are taller than most people, consider also the height of the bed and not just the width. Here, you also get to decide what time of frame you want—wood, steel, low, platform-styled, high-raised, four-poster, etc. Headboards are also becoming a sensation as they add more drama to the whole package. Look for one that suits your needs. If you need additional storage, use that head space wisely.

Along with the bed are the mattresses, pillows and bed linens. Choose memory foam for comfort or orthopedic beds for therapy. Pillows and bed linens must be hypoallergenic and easy to wash, too.

2. Reading or Talking Nook

Sitting area master bedroom furniture ideas
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Most master bedrooms have sitting areas these days. These are either used as reading nooks or an area where couples can simply sit and cuddle. Here, you can choose a sofa, accent chairs, or a divan. Some may go for a rocking chair or a massage chair. The idea is that these master bedroom furniture add-ons must not be too big or too dominant. Keep it simple, functional and comfy. Sometimes, all you need is some 5 minutes of silence to tune-out the stressors of the day before dozing off. Having a small nook is always one of the master bedroom furniture ideas that are popular.

3. Night’s Watch

Side table night stand master bedroom furniture ideas
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A relaxing master bedroom is one that exudes a warm glow. This is where nightstands or side tables are required. Some read themselves to sleep while others simply want to sleep not in utter darkness but with the soft glow of a lamp illuminating the room. To create balance, select a side table for each side of the bed. See to it that table surface is enough to hold a lamp and a few things like a book or a glass of water. To maximize space, choose the ones with integrated drawers to help store reading stuffs, a flashlight, eyeglasses, and other important details you wish to keep within reach.

4. Feng Shui Walls

Feng Shui decal and other elements in master bedroom
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One of the most taken for granted master bedroom furniture ideas are the so-called furniture-on-walls. Basically, a bedroom has 4 open walls which, when not furnished, are bare and sordid to the eye. Create a sense of balance by adding Feng Shui elements to it. A painting, a decal, a sculpture, a mirror, or any piece of artwork can make a wall pop out and deliberately create a sense of balance to the entire space.

5. Vanity Set

Vanity dressing table in master bedroom in black
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Some say that a master bedroom can do away with vanity sets when there’s a bathroom enclave attached to it. Wrong! A vanity dressing table and an accent chair or an ottoman adds a sense of being “lived in” to a room. Some go for built-in vanities while many prefer free-standing pieces which they can easily move around when redecorating every now and then. Do take note that a vanity table can also double as a work desk so place it near a power outlet.

6. Closet Space

Walk in closet sliding door
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Unless you have so much space to spare that you can afford to have one full room converted into a walk-in his and her’s closet, finding the right dresser or armoire requires a lot of careful thinking. Think carefully of what you need vis-à-vis your current space, interior design, and budget to organize the bedroom and de-clutter. These master bedroom furniture ideas are great, especially if they add to your storage space.

7. Canopy

Canopy bed in white bedroom with artwork
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This is the “it” thing this season—canopies or nets. Add a little drama to make each bedroom affair worthy to remember. Canopies or mosquito nets are very much welcomed during summer times when you want to sleep with the windows wide open.

Indeed, there is so much that you can do to create a master bedroom that exudes bliss and tranquility. These master bedroom furniture ideas are just a tip of the iceberg. To further make your space enthralling, choose a color scheme that lends a Zen-like feel. Popular color combos like soft red-yellow-orange, brown-blue-white, or soft yellow-dark wood-white can truly make your space standout.


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