7 Cool Interior Decor For Small Bedrooms

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In today’s economy where real estate square footage is shrinking with inflation, finding yourself in the dilemma of decorating a small bedroom may prove to be a headache. A bedroom is supposed to be a calming space for relaxation and, yes, intimacy. Creating a romantic yet serene mood however, can be challenging if space is an issue. Luckily, we have scoured the net for interior decor for small bedrooms to alleviate this concern.

Interior decor for small bedrooms with baskets and lamp
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When thinking of creating a sanctuary from life’s demands, here are seven handy ideas for interior decor for small bedrooms.

Brown small bedroom decoration ideas with dresser and red lamp
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1. It’s All About Color Bedrooms are either warm and cozy or open and airy. Some simply want a space where they can curl up and get cozy with a good book, while there are others who prefer it open and airy allowing as much natural light as possible. Earth colors like terra cotta and light browns, beige, grays, mint greens, and pastels on walls and ceiling as well as bed, curtains, drapes, linens, throw pillows, and so on can lend an illusion of spaciousness, warmth and serenity. Do remember to keep things simple by not using too many colors—and paint vertically to lend a taller and larger feel.

2. Furniture No matter how small a bedroom, your choice of furniture can create a great impact. When choosing furniture like a bed, bedside table, dresser, closet, and so on, emphasize the height of the room. Choose tall and narrow furniture that can easily blend with the bedroom’s shape and square footage. Ditch the king size bed and go for a sleeker queen bed. See to it that your choice of bed has storage embedded or has enough storage space underneath. In your choice of furniture, try to draw attention upward.

3. Bed Linens Bold patterns are a no no when thinking of bed linens as interior decor for small bedrooms. Choose light colored ones instead to prevent a feeling of being overwhelmed. Stick instead to choosing soft, light colored linens and pillow cases with simple designs and clear lines.

4. Let It Light An ornate chandelier will look out of place in a small bedroom. Opt for recessed lighting to make it less conspicuous and overwhelming. Steer clear of over elaborate lamps. Having a sleek table lamp or a slim floor lamp to ditch those side tables will stylishly flank your bed without taking up a lot of space.

5. Ample Storage Your bedroom holds your most personal things. Some homeowners can make do with built in wall closets to maximize space. If short on budget, you can always head off to Amazon and make do with portable closets. Aside from a budget and space friendly closet organizing system, it is wise to also acquire under bed storage to maximize space. You may also make use of dual purpose furniture like wicker baskets used as clothes/shoes organizer and side table.

6. Accessorize No matter how narrow a space, accessories are must haves as interior decor for small bedrooms. An artwork or wall decal or perhaps, framed photographs would enhance a room’s ambience a notch higher. When accessorizing, always go for personal stuffs. This is one place in your home where special items are showcased.

7. Mirrorize Another great choice of interior decor for small bedrooms is the use of mirrors. Even in other small spaces, mirrors lend an illusion of more dimensions. It opens up the place and reflects light from natural sources.

Small bed with extra storage in white bedroom
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Create a bedroom that serves as a refuge from life’s constant storms and tribulations with these awesome interior decor for small bedrooms ideas. Try scouring your local home depot or seek out home improvement shops. Flea markets are also a wise place to buy pre loved yet durable decorative elements. If you want hassle free shopping, head off to Amazon and check for discounts, free shipping, and vast selections to fill your heart’s desire.


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