7 Cool And Practical Bedroom Door Decor Ideas

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Planning to upgrade your home’s interior? Beyond painting walls, adding new furniture and decorative knick-knacks, there is one space often left out by many homeowners– bedroom doors! Often left with nothing or sometimes the quintessential nameplate or a boring door knob, doorways to bedrooms can actually be made more snazzy. To start with, here are 7 cool and easy bedroom door decor ideas to turn a ho-hum vertical space into something worth noticing.

Before and after door decor design
Source: designdeveloprealize.com

1. Door Mural

If you have a way of making artistic design using paint, doing a mural on your door would be an awesome upgrade. With just a few cans of paint with different colors, you can create whatever comes to mind to add personality to a bedroom door. Another easy way is to use stick-on door murals like this one above from SENGE.

SENGE Door Murals

There are variety of designs available nowadays for you to choose from. Simply wipe the door clean and dry it up then, stick it on. This is quite more economical and less stressful. You can also update it annually or when you do another interior revamp.

2. Wallpaper-ed Door

Another way to bolster a sense of style to a door, is via wallpaper. Simply choose a wallpaper design that fits or complements best with your current interior then, with a bit of carpentry work and some tutorials on how to cut it in the perfect dimensions, you can finally enjoy an updated door. One important tip– add a miter-molding to frame up those wallpaper panels for a clean, flawless look. Frame it and voila! Bedroom door decor ideas are simple and ty the door in with the rest of the room.

color wallpaper ideas for door in bedroom
Source: pinimg.com

3. Corkboard Door

Corkboard on back of door
Source: cdn.decorpad.com
Corkboard Door on bedroom door
Source: atmedia.imgix.net

Do more than just ordinary decor, be practical in your take. You can add a splash of color and excitement while adding more functionality to a seemingly unobtrusive piece of wood by topping it with a corkboard. Simply buy a standard sized corkboard, wrap it with fabric, frame and glue or nail it to the door and voila! Now, you can post notes, magazine clippings, bills, and whatever else you wish to remind yourself of. This can be done on the front area or at the back of the door.

4. Wreaths

Whoever says wreaths are meant only for front doors are gravely mistaken. While this decorative take is best for special occasions like Halloween and Christmas, nothing beats adding a spring-like feel to your abode by adding floral wreaths to bedroom doors. You can make one on your own or choose this Wild Daisy Floral Door Wreath for starters.

Floral Door Wreath for bedroom

5. Metallic Artwork

Decorating bedroom doors with metallic artwork is the rage nowadays. You can simply nail it on or apply a strong adhesive to keep artwork in place. This rustic Sun And Moon Metal Door Art, for instance, can be hanged on a door via a hook at the back. This is believed by the ancients to attract goodluck. Bedroom door decor ideas that feature any type of artwork are always a good choice.

Sun And Moon Metal Door Art for bedroom door

6. Mirror-ized

Bedroom door decor ideas with mirror
Source: pinterest.ph

Invite natural light in by adding a mirror to your door. A full length mirror like the one above, is a practical way to create an illusion of spaciousness to a bedroom and also for checking your form before venturing out. Mirrors also add a certain level of sophistication to any room. You can check out some of the chic door mirrors at Overstock, Crate & Barrel, Amazon, or Pottery Barn.

Naughty Kitten

Love cats and kittens? Why not add a hanging doorknob decal of your favorite pet? This Cute Hanging Baby Kitten Decal is just one of the many choices out there for you to easily stick on a doorknob and add more personality to a home.

Cute Hanging Baby Kitten Decal hanging from door knob

There is so much that you can do to shine a new light to a rather drab bedroom door. You can do improvements on your own or simply buy one off the rack. With these bedroom door decor ideas, you can finally breathe new life into your indoor space without spending a lot.


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