7 Budget-Friendly Toddler Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Toddlers can be quite a handful. While the main contention is to provide them a safe place to freely move around, it is also imperative to keep things attractive and engaging. To give you an idea, here are budget-friendly toddler bedroom decor ideas to jumpstart your revamp project.

1. One of the easiest and least expensive ways of redecorating a toddler’s bedroom is to repaint. Paint the walls, ceiling, and window frames. Choose paint colors that tend to hide dirt or imperfections. Toddlers are fond of doodling everywhere, making walls one of the most highly trafficked areas in a home. Go for these palettes: red, orange, brown or yellow for extra warmth. For cooler hues, blue, violet, and green will make good choices. Feel free to add writing boards to freely allow them to scribble on walls.

Toddler bedroom decor ideas
2. Choose high quality yet versatile furniture, the ones you can touch up over the years. You need to understand that tables, chairs and beds can be scraped, scratched, and colored. Doodles and stains are a normal occurrence in a toddler’s bedroom. Thus, when buying furniture consider these aspects carefully. For instance, go for a bed with removable safety bars and trundle. Also make sure they are made of materials which can be repainted. The trundle is great for sleepovers or for extra storage. Miniature chairs and tables also allow them to explore learning and make great training for meal time. Durable furniture is always a good idea in toddler bedroom decor ideas.

White trundle bed for toddlers pink bedroom
3. Toddlers are constantly on the floor. Instead of looking for pricey new floorings and accents, go for area rugs. Studies have proven that interactive area rugs expose toddlers to a more eclectic or artistic environment, allowing them to grow smarter and become more skilled. Choose area rugs that are not only visually appealing but also stimulating to their senses. Also, interactive or educational area rugs are quite aplenty nowadays. They are designed to stir a young child’s imagination.

Area rug for floor in toddler bedroom
4. Add a “busy board”. Children at this age have so much energy and they tend to focus on discovering new things and adventures. Learning something new is simply part of their daily activities. Any do-it-yourself Dad or arts and crafts Mom, can set this up. Use basic letters, numbers and shapes to begin their journey. Then, slowly introduce new things as they age. Toddler bedroom decor ideas like this will keep a child entertained for hours.

busy board for toddlers in bedroom
5. Choose cozy and artistic lighting for your toddler’s bedroom. When choosing overhead lighting, always keep the future in mind. Go for simple LEDs that are appropriate for a wide age range. Design a lighting plan that will continue to be compatible with any child’s tastes as he or she matures. Spruce up table or floor lamps though. Go for artistic ones to stimulate learning.

Lighting ideas for toddler bedroom decor
6. Keep things clean and organize by placing a window seat which doubles as a storage or reading area. Storage is one of the most crucial toddler bedroom decor ideas, as these little ones seem to not be able to get enough of toys, crayons, or books. Be reminded that a window seat will help point the bedroom’s play zone.

Window seat with storage area in toddler bedroom
7. Inspire creativity by accessorizing wisely. Place a height chart, a portable easel, a shadowbox, and so on. Don’t invest so much on cartoons or TV characters. Fads easily come and go, as well as kids’ penchant for them.

Lighthouse height chart for kids on wall
Children from 2 years onwards are at a point of discovering their personality. They subconsciously absorb everything that they see in their surroundings. You would not want a room that restricts their freedom to express themselves or a space which they easily outgrow. With these toddler bedroom decor ideas, you can guarantee raising a precocious yet well-grounded and emotionally balanced child and one that will easily transition them from childhood and beyond. Now, off you go furniture and decor hunting!


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