7 Black Bedroom Ideas That Deliver The WOW!

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Are you on the lookout for black bedroom ideas? A monochromatic color scheme like black, is a bold yet versatile choice for a bedroom. From dark-as-night with starry lights to chic decorative elements, cozy bed linens, window treatment, and so on, the possibilities can be truly exhilaratingly endless! Black invigorates a bedroom, adding a sense of grandeur with its statement design. It’s timeless, classy, and most importantly, stimulates deep relaxation. If you choose to go dark this year with your bedroom design, the following ideas will help.


Black bedroom ideas with stars on walls
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1. Deliver that WOW! Factor by donning an all-black patterned bedroom wall or with an all-black accent wall. You can paint it or simply install this elegant Graham & Brown Vintage Flock Wallpaper. Sleek and sultry, a bedroom can reverberate with power and mystery adding more drama to your interior design. With a monochromatic background, you can easily play with the accessories needed to deliver that harmonious feel.

Graham Brown Vintage Flock Wallpaper in black for bedroom

Graham & Brown Vintage Flock Wallpaper


2. A monochromatic black bedroom can suit either a masculine or feminine interior design style. This is contrary to the popular belief that black is all about men and their depth. Independent, fierce women equally love black walls but with a twist– a mirror! Installing a statement mirror like the IMAX 11671 Aztec Embroidered Wall Mirror below adds not just a sense of elegance, but also an illusion of spaciousness through its reflected space.

MAX 11671 Aztec Embroidered Mirror in black
IMAX 11671 Aztec Embroidered Wall Mirror

3. Draw the eye into the middle of the bedroom by installing artwork as the room’s centerpiece. This Trifecta by Jon Allen, for instance, can astoundingly complement your choice of black bedroom decor. Made of all-natural silver complemented with black hand-etched art design, it adds more stylish flair that invigorates the whole space.

Trifecta by Jon Allen Black & Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art
Trifecta by Jon Allen


4. Create harmonious contrast within your bedroom by placing black furniture with clean lines or muted gray or perhaps, silver or white. The idea is to create a more synchronized contrast with bed linens, curtains and cushions, to create a symmetrical feel to your overall design. This boho inspired patterned reversible quilt from Chic Home, comes with paisley and geometric design adding more excitement to your black bedroom design.

Chic Home Reversible Microfiber Decorative in black in gray bedroom

Chic Home Madrid 4 Piece Reversible Quilt Set


5. Spruce up your floors with an area rug. This A2Z Rug Traditional Black area rug evokes the style and quality of olden pasts, bringing with it a sense of sophistication and worldly feel of a traditional Persian rug. With its softer outer palettes and dark inner core, it can easily match with other current decor you may have. Black bedroom ideas involving rugs are easy to do and can really make a room look better.

A2Z Rug Traditional Collection Perfect in black for bedroom

A2Z Rug Traditional Black


6. Let your walls or ceiling feel like an open starry night sky by adding fairy lights. This battery-operated Fairy String Lights from AOSTAR adds a romantic and cozy touch to your bedroom allowing more intimacy or a more relaxing vibe to set in. You may also hang pictures in between lights to make it more of a decorative element. This fairy light set, by the way, comes in two lighting modes– steady or flashing.

AOSTAR Battery Operated Fairy String Lights in gray bedroom

AOSTAR Battery Operated Fairy String Lights


7. Wrap everything up with a unique chandelier. This modern chandelier below from Jac D’lights comes with crystal drops encased in a black shade, to help emit that relaxing glow. Adding a chandelier ultimately adds a sense of intimacy and class, to give your bedroom space that needed jolt. Black Bedroom Ideas that are elegant, such as this one take a little thought but are worth a thought.

Jac DLights Modern Chandelier with Black Shade for bedroom

Jac D’Lights Modern Chandelier with Black Shade


Artistic and chic people often choose black as a color of choice when setting up camp for their offices or bedrooms. It’s a powerful color that elicits awe, but only when a proper juxtaposition of elements are in place. With these black bedroom ideas, you can start mixing and matching various designs to truly deliver that WOW factor.



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