7 Bedroom Treatment Ideas To Brighten Your Space

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Do you want to spruce up a bedroom without doing a major overhaul? A bedroom is a place for rest and privacy. It is a place where one can roam around their deep thoughts or go into amorous encounters, without garnering unbecoming ogles from others. Dressing your own resting place is, in all its form and intricacies, an intimate chore. To freshen up things without sacrificing privacy or ambiance, here are bedroom treatment ideas to bring new life into a seemingly boring space.

1. Fit-For-Royalty Canopy


Canopy on bed in bedroom with wood floors
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Turn your bed into a fabulous focal point by swathing it with a crown-like canopy made of draperies and other fabrics. Flanked by two bay windows, this makeshift canopy draws the eye to the center of the bed, giving it a ceremonious royal treatment. Think of toile and ivory linens draping the headboard, to lend a sense of understated elegance. Simply tie each end on a curtain holder to give it utmost refinement and charm.

2. Mixed Patterns


Mixed Patterns curtains in white bedroom with wood floors
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One of the most common mistakes in bedroom treatment ideas is the use of uniform fabrics on curtains, drapes, and so on. But why settle for just one curtain pattern when you can mix and match various fabrics to add more personality to a bedroom? From curtains to bed linens, adding variations in patterns will provide a lighthearted mood to any space. It is also a must for long-walled windows to prevent redundancy.

3. Dressed Up Doors

Dressed Up Doors in gray bedroom
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Most master bedrooms often have french doors that lead to a patio, balcony or a work space. Where privacy is deemed non-negotiable, covering these architectural pieces with fabrics is a must. Apart from tuning out prying eyes of kids or house guests, treating a bedroom door with fabrics that allows natural light in without risking privacy, will make a great bedroom treatment idea.


4. Curtained Wardrobe


Curtained Wardrobe for bedroom with wood floors
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For urbanites who make do with every miniscule square-inch space in their studio flats or multi-storied apartments, using adaptable storage systems like that of Ikea’s ALGOT series, allows for a more flexible space. To dress these installations, simply add curtains to work as a wardrobe door. Not only does the use of fabrics help to harmonize the ambiance of a bedroom space, it also adds an extra layers of softness.

5. Window Seat Elegance

Window Seat in bedroom with draperies and pillows
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Dreamy bedrooms often have window seats. This may either be used for cuddling with a loved one or for reading a book by your lonesome. A charming addition to a bedroom, it adds a sense of elegance reminiscent of fairy tales when a damsel in distress awaits for Prince Charming. But while natural light is important in window seats, privacy for the bedroom must also be considered. To address both, simply add sheer drapes. When opened, the scenic view helps suffuse the senses, while closed, privacy will be wrapped up. Perfect!

6. Dramatic Draperies


Dramatic Draperies in a white bedroom with wood floors
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Add a dramatic flair to your bed with ceiling-to-floor curtains. These drape-like free-flowing fabrics deliver an astoundingly elegant flair reminiscent of Parisian debutantes in their coquettish ball gowns. You don’t need to buy a four-poster bed either. Simply mount iron rods on the ceiling to hold the billowy fabrics in place. Bedroom treatment ideas like this, can really bring a bedroom to life.

7. All Shaped Up

bedroom treatment ideas in white bedroom
Source : traditionalhome.com

Create a sense of balance to a seemingly mannish aura in a bedroom by adding a curvy window cornice. Newly married couples moving into a previous man-cave, often face the issue of how to dress up windows without feeling too girlish. As a compromise, simply adding a scalloped cornice will help soften the bedroom space without obstructing the view, nor turning the whole ambiance upside-down. This is less tedious to maintain, too.

Overall, these bedroom treatment ideas can easily turn a seemingly dreary and uninspired space into something vivacious and sultry without sacrificing overall design and privacy. A new set of fabrics will easily give any room a fresh new look to add more drama to a space. Do remember to use light colored or sheer fabrics to help embrace natural light while keeping your mind and body relaxed and well rested.


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