6 Bunk Bedroom Ideas

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Looking for the right bunk bedroom ideas? It is quite common nowadays to face certain challenges in decorating a small bedroom. While many dream of having a king or queen size bed, complemented with a bevy of dressers, armoires or wardrobes, divan and what-have-you, these are sometimes luxuries families can no longer afford due to limited bedroom floor space. This is why bunk beds (or trundle beds) are becoming a fast sensation nowadays. It’s not only space saving, it is also fun to arrange and offers plenty of added storage, too. To give you an idea, here are ideas to make a bunk bedroom useful, functional and most-importantly, space-savvy.

bunk bedroom ideas shaped as an elephant
Source : sweetretreatkids.com

1. The Lounge

Turn a small room into a spacious one, by creating a lounge-area-like bedroom. Simply remove the bottom of the bunk bed and turn it into a lounge area for your child to enjoy. Think of his or her special interests and create a design with these in mind. You may try creating a study area complete with a small desk, ergonomic chair, reading lamp, book case, computer, and so on.

2. Paint for Fun

Often, pre-made bunk beds are made of wood or metal with brown or white color– which can be too blah for your taste. Why not coat it with your child’s favorite paint color. If you may, you can customize one to look like a work of art. Like the elephant bunk bed above, you can create a Safari themed bedroom with that in place.

3. Added Storage

Many use bunk beds to maximize use of space. What better way to do just that, than by giving a bunk bed a facelift. Add functionality to it by adding extra storage. Drawers can be added at the bottom to store clothing, socks, shoes, toys, bed linens, books, and so on.

4. Add Curtains

White bunk bed with curtains in white bedroom
Source : geometrium.com

Add drama to shared rooms by adding curtains to your bunk bedroom ideas. Simply place low curtains pinned from the ceiling. Curtains can either be pulled across or pulled back. Not only will the fabric add more color and perspective to the bunk bed, it will also help deliver a sense of privacy.

5. Fun With Geometry

Create an L-shaped bunk bed to maximize floor space and generate a more flexible bedroom. This will allow you to keep an old bed and add a loft on top. This gives the room added fun without having to spend so much. You can repaint an old bed and the makeshift loft. Add a few splashes of color like curtains or a mural on the side.

6. Full Twin Bunk Bed

Another popular bunk bedroom idea today, creating a full bed at the bottom and a twin bed on top speaks of comfort and added charm to any shared bedroom. While this can be quite pricey in furniture shops, you can actually avoid the sky-high cost by building one on your own. Even first-time carpenters can easily make this one, as there are various online tutorials to get by.

Fun-Filled Bunk Bedroom Ideas

Wooden bunk bedroom jungle gym
Source : pinterest.com

Without a doubt, these bunk bedroom ideas will help add flair and more functionality to a seemingly dreary space. The idea is to address what those who will be using the room need, and deep down want to make, out of their own shared space. Try to include them during planning sessions and gain input from their perspective. When you do, any idea for your bunk bedroom will definitely be appreciated.


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