5 Timeless Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

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Want to create a romantic oasis for you and your beloved? A relaxing area for your kids to rest? Or an enticing space for guests and visitors to cap the day off? A bedroom is one of the central elements of a home. A place of utmost privacy, intimacy and solitude is no easy feat to decorate. One important element in upholding the sanctity of this room is this– windows. When thinking of adding such elements while highlighting outside scenery and natural lighting, these bedroom window treatment ideas are deemed to transcend time.

Treatment ideas for bedroom with wood floor and great view
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1. Add Joy With Curtains And Sheers. One of the most common window treatment ideas in bedrooms is the use of curtains and sheers. With hundreds, if not thousands, of colors, patterns and design to choose from, it is safe to assume that one can seldom go wrong in choosing the right one for a bedroom. Lighter than drapes and easier to maintain, sheers and curtains can also let natural light into a bedroom adding a touch of whimsy when highlighting a moonlit sky or the breaking of dawn. These Deconovo Solid Sheer Curtains, for instance, are embroidered with nostalgic flower patterns allowing light to stream gently into a room. These also come in a leaves or branch design.

Deconovo White Solid Sheer Curtains window treatment in white

Want to add more charm to your curtains? Or perhaps, don’t like those full-window curtains? Try valances, swags and cascades. These lace-y window swags below, for instance, help add a sense of drama and elegance to a window.

Lorraine Home Fashions Hopewell Lace Window Swags in white for bedroom

2. Drapes For Secrecy. If it’s ultimate privacy you want, drapes are the best route to treat those bedroom windows. An excellent choice in dressing up large or floor-length glass windows, these heavier panels of fabric come in various colors, patterns, and lengths to suit your requirements. One of the most popular types these days is the “blackout drapes” like the one below from H. Versailtex. Made with heavy lining, they keep light from penetrating your bedroom. Most of these blackout drapes are also great thermal insulators. More formal than the usual curtains, they also come in various patterns and designs allowing you more freedom to inject style into your bedroom. Bedroom window treatment ideas using drapes are great to keep prying eyes from looking into your home.

H. VErsailtex 100% BlackOut Faux Silk Drapes for bedroom or living room

3. Shades Of 50s. Other popular window treatments for bedrooms are shades. Like curtains, shades come in various colors, patterns and styles to suit any bedroom decorating style. Think organic designs like bamboo or wood, translucent ones, Roman designs like the one below from Chicology, balloon types, and so on. Unlike drapes and curtains, however, these are usually cut according to a window’s length and width then, attached to a rod allowing it to be controlled via a pulley or a remote-controlled roller system. These Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Thermal Shades also come in rose pink and powder blue, which are great for the kids bedroom.

Chicology Cordless Magnetic Roman Thermal Shades in blue for bedroom

4. Oh-la-la Shutters. A favorite among many country, coastal and cottage style homes, shutters add a sense of old-world drama and charm. While natural wood variety can be a tad pricey, faux designs like the one below from Shutter Shack can deliver the same dramatic punch without breaking the bank. Fitted to a window frame with hinges to allow an easy-swing open and close mechanism, they also make a great DIY project for those who are passionate in carpentry. Shutters are not all white or natural wood though. You can find quite a number of types in wide-ranging colors these days to suit your preference. Bedroom window treatment ideas featuring shutters are always popular choices.

Shutter Shack Shutter Kit for bedroom window treatments

5. Add Class To Your Glass. Got glass windows in your bedroom? Pump it up with a stained glass effect by adding patterned films like this one below from DuoFire. An ongoing trend for quite some time, this stained glass window treatment is quite easy to use and can very well suit bedrooms and living rooms, as well as bathrooms allowing a more cohesive design style in your home. Affordable, easy to apply and easier to maintain, you can change designs anytime you feel like changing the ambiance of your bedroom.

DuoFire Stained Glass Window Film in white bedroom

There are so many ways to add more dramatic elegance, privacy, intimacy and fun to your bedroom’s design. These bedroom window treatment ideas are but tip of the iceberg when it comes to that. When choosing, always keep two things in mind– your current decorative style and budget– then, find the best ones for you and your loved one to enjoy.



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