5 Boys Bedroom Decor Ideas – Which One Will You Choose?

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Boys’ bedrooms can be somewhat more tricky to decorate than girls’ bedrooms. With girls, you can always go with pinks, or fairy tale characters, or even just cartoon characters. But with boys, with each stage, their likes and dislikes change, and you need to decide on a theme that will actually outlive their changing phases. So we have brought you 5 boys bedroom decor ideas to consider:

Boys bedroom decor ideas bunk bed in wood
Photo Credit : myhomerocks.com

#1: Boys like blue and so a blue theme is actually a pretty good idea. As you can see here, the theme actually focuses on blues and stripes. This is another stylistic element we usually associate more with boys than with girls. The colors used are also more boyish – the white, the green, and of course the wood. For a house with more than one boy – the bunk bed offers the perfect solution. However, just plain blue would actually make the room look pretty dowdy – but here there is very clever use of lots of colors to brighten up the room as well! When it comes to boys bedroom decor ideas, the color blue is always a good idea.

Older boys bedroom decor ideas with tv and desk
Photo Credit : woohomedesigns.com

#2: For somewhat older boys, particularly teens, you may consider a departure from the blue theme. Here is a decor idea that actually manages to look really sophisticated, and yet fun – and without any blue! The room isn’t overcrowded, and the simple muted color and design on the walls only highlight this fact. The colors that predominate here are grey and wood shades. Also, the furniture, if you notice, is all statement pieces – something that any boy will be happy to have in his room!

Batman boys room with brickwall and foosball table
Photo Credit : digsdigs.com

#3: Here is another design that does not overdo the blue and yet straddles both the young and the older boy. For the younger boy, the major feature in this room will be the floor to ceiling batman mural – you can of course customize this to your kid’s liking. As in it can be any other fictional character they immortalize. But the walls will surely outlive that age, as will the classic furniture. In fact a foosball table can actually be added later as your kid grows. Being able to incorporate boys bedroom decor ideas, such as games, will always be a winner with your kid.

Sailor themed boys room in blue
Photo Credit : wallpaper1080phddesktop.blogspot.in

#4: Little boys also usually like sailor themed stuff. And why go with the overdone and clichéd sailor stripes all the time? Here is something quite different, and also quite new! The room has a very cool ship’s cabin feel to it with the layout and the furniture. And to enhance the sailor and ship feel, the walls have this beautiful picture of an old fashioned ship with sails. The wall in itself is a work of art – and it only makes the room more special! And the colors are bright too!

boys bedroom decor ideas
Photo Credit : mamaisonlc.com

#5: If you have two little boys – one of them really small – then this boy’s room cum nursery should be a good idea! As you can see the predominantly blue yet colorful theme is perfect for most boys. And the decor is perfect for really small boys and children. However, interestingly, the room is actually divided – and each side features very apt and age appropriate stuff – and with this idea you can make your space go the extra mile – especially if you have two boys in the house! Sometimes two boys means boys bedroom decor ideas that differ from one another

So – how did you like our 5 boy’s bedroom decor ideas? We’ve kept most age groups and factors in mind when selecting. Also there was quite a bit of variety too – so you are sure to find some decor – or at least decor elements that you can make work in your little boy’s room. Best of luck!


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