4 Innovative Bedroom Painting Ideas to Personalize Your Room

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Many people these days like to go for a minimalist and simple look when it comes to painting rooms. Plain, clean and simple white wallpaper is usually the choice or soft pastel shades, to make a room look bright. However, there is potential for much more to do when it comes to decorating a room. While some people prefer to just do the designing of the room with different types of furniture and pieces of art, a room can also be livened up and given more personality if you add even a little bit of design to the walls. This is especially true for the bedroom, which is the room that could probably represent you most – the best place where you unwind and relax yourself. If you want to do something about your plain colored walls or change your wallpaper, then you can take a look at some of these bedroom painting ideas so you can inject more of your personality into the most personal room of the house!

1.    Use panels of patterned wallpaper

Panels of patterned wallpaper as bedroom painting ideas
Photo Credit : housetohome.media.ipcdigital.co.uk

Decorating doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Simply adding panels of a patterned wallpaper of your choice and having it placed on a plain colored wall already adds a bit of life and personality into the room. It could replace the idea of putting up a painting, and serve as one of the focal points of your room, perfect for placing by your bed.

If you want to be more hands on, you can opt to use the same idea and instead hand paint your own pattern onto a section of the wall. If you’re not confident doing it yourself, you could have someone else design it for you. It really adds a bit more personality to the bedroom. Hand painted designs are bedroom painting ideas that are always attractive.

2. Go for big patterns

Floral pattern as bedroom painting ideas
Photo Credit : housetohome.co.uk

Large sized patterns can give a slight image of grandeur and make your room much more personal if you use your favorite pattern. It doesn’t have to be a large scale floral design, although that is the most popular idea. You can select any one you like. Matching the pattern with the pattern of other things in your room, just like the sheet in the picture, gives your room more of a personality and an intimate feeling as well.

3.    Create a picture tree

Picture tree in bedroom on green wall
Photo Credit : s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

One other simple painting idea is to try having a tree beautifully painted behind your bed or anywhere in your bedroom you think needs the decorating, then having pictures over it. This can be used for family pictures, to literally serve as a “family tree” or simply to represent the people and moments important to you. This is one of the bedroom painting ideas that can add a touching feeling to a room.

If you don’t want to add the pictures, the tree design would still look beautiful, but simple! You could even have it as a place to stick post its, reminders a calendar or anything you would want to put up on your wall.

4.    Paint your favorite quote

Quote in bedroom above bed
Photo Credit : images.dickwithington.org

Another personal touch you could add to your room to really express yourself is to paint any one of your favorite quotes onto your wall. Not only does it represent you and what you believe in, but it could also be a quote to serve as a reminder you want to always have. This is a really simple, yet very personal and intimate touch you could paint into your room.

These bedroom painting ideas ideas are nothing too grand scale and expensive, yet they are significant ways of making your room a bit more personalized and represent ‘you’ some more. You may wish to try out any of these suggestions if you want to try something novel with your room. The bedroom is your space after all, so going a little ‘creatively crazy’ isn’t such a bad idea!


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