11 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Do More With Less

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Just because the bedroom in your new home is somewhat small (when compared to those in your friends’ or parent’s houses, maybe), doesn’t mean that you must despair. Even when the room is actually small, you can quite efficiently give it the appearance of more space and also make the available space go the extra mile! Wondering how? Well, check out our 11 small bedroom decorating ideas!

Small bedroom decorating ideas with mantelpiece as headboard
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#1:  Use an architectural element, like a mantelpiece and make it a part of your furniture. You make use of the wall, you get an interesting element in your room – and you may just be putting a redundant architectural detail to good use! Here the mantelpiece has been fitted with a fabric lined foam insert and converted into a headboard!

Headboard with storage with small bedroom decorating ideas light room
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#2:  Instead of just having an ornamental headboard, put in small cubbies, some open and some covered. It looks great, plus you get extra storage space! Having some extra storage is a big plus when looking for small bedroom decorating ideas.

Nightstand in dark room small bedroom decorating ideas
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#3:  Nightstands tend to take up a lot of space, especially for those who don’t really put a lot of stuff on them. Instead, install a floating shelf for the essentials, and attach a night lamp to the wall just over it.

White wooden partition as small bedroom storage ideas
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#4:  Another good idea that you can put to use is if the bedroom itself isn’t separate from the rest of the house. In other words, if you have a large living space, and would like to convert part of it to a small bedroom, install a wooden partition that is wide. This you can use as a shelf for essentials, or as a headboard for your bed.

Light and dark colors with small bedroom decorating ideas
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#5:  Choose the right colors to give the impression of space. By juxtaposing light and dark contrasting shades, you can actually make a room appear longer!

Storage space with small bedroom decorating ideas
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#6:  When you are working with a small bedroom, storage space becomes your no. 1 problem. So, even as you are thinking decor, also keep the space issue in mind. Choose furniture that is nice to look at, but also multipurpose. This could be a bed with storage space, or a small seat with a box underneath! Anything that can double up as storage is good.

Lounging area with small bedroom decorating ideas with bookshelves in white room
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#7:  If you have a small bedroom, you may be tempted to put just a bed in it. But remember that you will spend a lot of time here, and not necessarily be sleeping the whole time. So make a separate lounging area with a seat or a chair. You could even put a small table. Ideally, put something – like a small shelf etc. to separate the two areas. This is something to consider when looking into small bedroom decorating ideas.

Bunk bed with small bedroom decorating ideas in white room
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#8:  If the room is for kids, or for friends, then a bunk bed can be a great way to add substance, as well as utilize space better.

Loft bed with seating in green with bedroom decor
Photo Credit : impressiveinteriordesign.com

#9:  Another good idea is to have a loft bed, with the lower level being converted into a seating area. That way your small bedroom can also double up as a space for entertaining!

Vinyl sheet curtains for wardrobe in bedroom
Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#10:  It is possible that in small bedroom, you have trouble fitting in a wardrobe as well as the bed. In very small rooms, the wardrobe door may refuse to open properly with the bed in the way. To remedy this, you could remove the wardrobe doors and replace with vinyl sheet curtains!

White bedroom with shelves and other storage
Photo Credit : giesendesign.com

#11:  And one final piece of advice – when space is short, too much stuff actually makes everything look cluttered and messed up. Go for simplicity – with a lot of white and wood shades. And keep maybe one or two pops of color to liven up the space.

Space, or the absence of it, doesn’t need to be a very big issue. Take inspiration from these 11 small bedroom decorating ideas to get the right look and feel – as well as increase the space!


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