Vitamin Sea: Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Fancy visiting the beach for much-needed vitamin sea? One of Earth’s most enjoyable features, beaches offer a chance for everyone to unwind and de-stress. Think about soaking in the sun or walking barefoot on a white powdery, sandy beachfront, with the waves lapping at your feet. But with the next beachfront some hundreds of miles away from where you’re at, there’s no better way than creating your own haven right at the comfort of your own home. If adding pebbles and real sand is out of the question, these beach themed bathroom decor ideas may give you just the Vitamin Sea vibe you need.



  • Wall Art. Start by drawing the eye to a beach-themed focal point in your bathroom. It could be a painting of sea creatures like the Green Sea turtle below, dolphins, sandy beachline, surf boards lined up, and whatever theme you have in mind. The idea is to have a focal point that will eventually serve as the central theme. From there, you can pick decorative pieces to go along with the wall art. Feel free to check out other wall art designs on Sumgar HERE. This beach themed wall art list, also offers a wide variety of choices for you to truly imbibe a captivating focal point in your bathroom.
SUMGAR Green Sea Turtle Wall Art for Bathroom
  • Wall Decal. Another inexpensive way of enhancing visual content of a bathroom, is by adding a beach themed wall decal. Instead of pricey wall art, you can transform an entire wall with affordable sticker decals like this Fancy Fish Design Bathroom Wall Decal. From seahorses to dolphins, turtles, and jelly fish, feel free to check out various bathroom themed wall art decals HERE. This list will also give you various choices to get the Vitamin Sea vibe you want. Beach themed bathroom decor ideas using decals, is a good choice as they are not all that expensive.
Fancy Fish Design Bathroom Wall Decal
  • Boat Shelve. Add a bit of storage with a display cabinet that’s designed for beach life. Some homeowners repurpose medicine cabinet covers with beach-themed design. It’s a great DIY project to pursue, particularly those who love carpentry and creative concepts. Or you may want to check out this Beach Theme Display Boat, designed with cutesy sea creatures, complete with a fishing net. Hang it or prop it up to add more sass to your bathroom design. This is one of the beach themed bathroom decor ideas that are a little more involved, but will look great when finished.
Beach Theme Display Boat with storage
  • Beach-y Rack. Hang towels, bathrobes and the like, in style. There are plenty of hooked wall racks in beach themed design, for you to choose from. This MyGift Oceanic Sandy Beach Style Metal Hook Wall Rack, for instance, comes with hand-decorated sea creatures– a seagull, starfish, seashells and sand stuff. You can also add one in the foyer, to stash your keys, scarves, coat, umbrella, and other accessories to get that complete feel.
MyGift Oceanic Sandy Beach Style Metal Hook Wall Rack
  • Seaside Vanity. Get the complete beach themed bathroom vanity set, to fully imbibe that Vitamin Sea feel in your bathroom. You can feature a full collection vanity set, like toothbrush holder, soap dish, towels and bath robes, and so on. This dainty Zenna HomeSeaside Serenity Toothbrush Holder, for instance, is carved with hand-painted shells made from resin. It emits a stylish and relaxing feel. Check out vast choices from Zenna Home Seaside Serenity Line. You can choose a single set or pair items according to your needs.
Zenna HomeSeaside Serenity Toothbrush Holder

Another charming brand that offers vast choices, when looking for a beach-themed bathroom decor set, is Bacoba Guild. Its complete line of bathroom vanity sets come with a coastal rope design, adding that perfect beach life accent to your bathroom decor.

Beach themed bathroom decor ideas
  • Candelabra. Add a whimsical candle holder to your bathrooms design element. You can go for traditional candelabras then, simply accentuate these with beach stuff, like shells and starfish commonly found in arts and crafts stores. This Heartful Home Beach Decor Bathroom Collection – Wall Mounted Caddy Set is another excellent option for its multifunctional feel. Feel free to check out various choices HERE.
Heartful Home Beach Decor Bathroom Collection - Wall Mounted Caddy Set
  • String Lights. Whoever says adding string lights to bathrooms is a waste of resources, is obviously wrong. Add a sense of whimsy and a calming effect to a bathroom, by adding these Impress Life Nautical Theme Decorative String Lights. Think of lounging in the bathtub after a day’s toil at work. With these waterproof string lights, you can simply soak your tired bones and frayed nerves for hours, to rest without the usual glare. Light a few aromatherapy candles, too.
Impress Life Nautical Theme Decorative String Lights

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing Vitamin Sea vibe. Start with these beach themed bathroom decor ideas. The idea is to choose that single theme and hand pick items that work together to create a completely harmonious, relaxing look. Have fun shopping!

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