Top 5 Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

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A deeply personal and private sanctuary, the bathroom serves as your area to let go of the burden you’ve been carrying all day long. It’s a place where the mind goes blank and relaxation sets in for the whole body to recharge. It is quite normal to dream of having a luxurious, grand bathroom with nary any worries about space. However, this isn’t so with today’s space-challenged homes. When thinking of revamping your space, these bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms can add more style and personality to your space.

Tile Design with narrow toilet in white bathroom

Light Colors. Always choose bathroom tile designs in light hues when revamping a small bathroom space. Think white, cream, pastels, powder blue, mint green, light brown, light gray, and so on. Light colors keep a room’s tone feeling calm, clean and collected– essential aspects when creating an illusion of more space. Tiles in a monochromatic color scheme like the one below in soft bleached gray, allows an unfussy profile that reflects the room’s underrated modishness without appearing unruly or overworked. Simply throw in a mirror and green plants here and there to truly imbibe a space that breathes life and sensual pleasure.

modern floating bathroom vanities in white bathroom

Shape vs. Size. While it is such a waste to cut long tiles, using of large ones can actually make a small bathroom exude a wider feel. Instead of meter-long tiles, it is wiser to go for large or medium ones in square, rectangular or Chevron shape and preferably in neutral colors. The large soft gray floor tiles below, for instance, work well with such a limited space as it expands the overall feel of the floor area. Other patterns are also available allowing you to create tiling patterns which can jazz up the space a bit and make it appear bigger than it really is. This is always something to consider when doing tile design ideas for small bathrooms.

Lighter Tile Color For Small Bathroom

Patterned Tiles. If it’s small bathroom tiles you want, however, pick a mosaic pattern or metro tiles for walls, for a more versatile and roomy feel. Instead of using it on floors, however, expert interior design specialists widely recommend using patterned tiles as a feature wall in a bathroom space. Take this white bathroom, for instance. Short on space and enclosed in a unique shape, adding a feature wall comprised of an aquamarine blue fringed with white, that added a pop of color, brightening the room. This somehow adds a sense of playfulness and excitement to the whole bathroom design sans its challenge in square footage.

Blue Patterned Tiles in bathroom

Reflective Tiles. Light plays a huge role in making a bathroom feel wider or smaller than it really is. Aside from adding lighting and mirrors that reflect natural light, using tiles with glossy, glassy, mirror-like, or a reflective finish, also makes a perfect interior design incentive for small bathrooms. By allowing light to bounce around a bathroom, reflective or glossy finished tiles can enhance the surrounding space. This is why marble finishes often make an excellent choice for bathrooms. Aside from its natural glossy finish, it also delivers an elegant and cozy feel. This is one of the tile design ideas for small bathrooms that can improve the reflection in the room.

reflective tiles in bathroom

Floor to Ceiling. The feeling of being encased in a box can be nasty when dealing with a narrow, small bathroom space. If you are claustrophobic, the best way to enhance a bathroom’s feel is to use floor-to-ceiling tile design. This encourages a smooth flow of texture and creates balance to the whole space. Additionally, it also adds a sense of continuity thereby, making the room feel more spacious. This pattern below, for instance, creates an understated elegant look, that exudes comfort and roominess.

Floor to Ceiling Tile Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms

There are 101 bathroom tile design ideas for small bathrooms out there to create a perfect look and feel for your bathing space. The idea is to always pick light and neutral colors over dark ones, shapes and sizes that offer fluidity, and glossiness that reflects natural light in. When done accordingly, you can finally enjoy a luxe bathroom sans the usual gigantic square-inch footage.



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