Serenely Relaxing Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

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There is nothing more satisfying than going home to soak your tired body in a warm bath. You can simply run warm water into a bath tub then, put a few drops of lavender essential oil and get lost in a few hours of oblivion while listening to Enya. Indeed, when it comes to cleansing the body and relaxing the mind, a bathroom provides a serene space for everyone to relish anytime of the day. To evoke such calmness, using relaxing bathroom wall decor ideas will make it truly a place of solace.

First Things First

When it comes to calm and relaxing bathrooms, it is essential to choose a central theme and start working from there. The beach is one of the most relaxing places to emulate. While you may be living in a high rise building or a secluded suburban home, you can turn your bathroom space into a serene and relaxing private sanctuary inspired by the color, texture and elements of the sea.

Here are some ways to create one with ocean-themed bathroom wall decor ideas:

1. Paint the walls in relaxing powder blue, light turquoise, or stark white with ocean water color as accent. Sandy fawn hues also make an awesome option. Your bathroom walls’ paint color will ultimately set the tone of the whole room. These bathroom wall decor ideas will ensure a harmonious fusion of design and style.

Bathroom wall decor ideas with seashell mirror and sink
2. A mirror is basically a must-have in bathrooms, no matter the design or theme. It is a functional piece of decor that welcomes natural light into the space. To emulate an ocean-themed design, hanging a seashell decorative mirror over a sink or vanity, facing a window, will add some swag to the space. Mirrors also exude an illusion of a larger space.

Blue seashell artwork in white frames for bathroom wall
3. Create a focal point. Hanging a piece of artwork will make a great addition. Do remember to coordinate that of your mirror’s style. If it is framed with seashells, make sure the artwork is also framed. An artwork that also features the sea, sand or waves will help deliver your bathroom wall decor ideas sense of focus.

Seashell patterned shower curtain in yellow bathroom
4. To add some sort of privacy to a bathroom, a patterned shower curtain will do. Shower curtains will help give a bath area some sense of solitude or discretion. Like a space that holds all your secret thoughts, an elegant shower curtain that complements the wall paint and other decorative ideas in the room, can be hanged from seashell-designed hooks.

seashell decor ideas for bathroom sink
5. Create an accent on your wall with ocean-inspired tiles. Painting the other areas of a bathroom may help ease your budget, but never scrimp on areas where water easily seeps into paint. Tiles are easier to maintain and add a more dramatic flair.

Seashell decor ideas in bathroom
6. Add more details to your serenely relaxing ocean-themed bathroom wall decor ideas with knick-knacks here and there. Seashell-embroidered towels hanging on hook-like wall racks, fisherman’s nets hanging from nails with decorative starfish and seashells. Stuff a clear glass container with sand and seashells, and nestle a white aromatic candle at the center.

blue shelf with sea shells in bathroom
7. Don’t forget to ensconce a phone rack on your bathroom wall, too. You can simply tune in to your favorite Spotify channel and listen to relaxing music.

Bathroom wall decor ideas outdoor
Indeed, there are 101 bathroom wall decor ideas to create a serenely relaxing ocean-themed design. If your bathroom simply has a medicine cabinet as its sole occupant, it is time to give those walls a facelift. Let these ideas pique your creative mindset to finally find pieces that evoke the calm serenity of the sea—even when in the middle of a bustling city. Also read 10 Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas Every Mom Will Love.



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