How to Pick Cool Bathroom Accessories

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Accessories play a critical role in laying down a bathroom’s mood, style and overall aesthetic appeal. But with hundreds if not thousands of brands and products in the market, the task of picking cool bathroom accessories to suit your taste, can be quite challenging. This is quite understandable as bathrooms tend to be smaller in space when compared to other rooms in the household. Aside from that, choosing necessities over personal luxuries or choosing between functional and aesthetics can be tough. This is especially true since most people use their bathroom space to relax. To give you a headstart, here are some points to ponder when shopping for new, cool bathroom accessories.

White bathroom with cool accessories vanity and shower with wood accents

Space Assessment. Do a complete evaluation of your current bathroom. Take layout and per-square-inch footage into consideration. Before you start piling up items in your online or offline cart, it is essential to visualize what you want for the bathroom to feel like. Do you want a beach themed bathroom? Then, picking this Amagical Beach Style Bathroom Set may just be what you need. The idea is to envision the look and ambiance that you want, before randomly picking anything and making your bathroom look disdainful.

Amagical Blue Starfish Seashell Conch 16 Piece Shower Curtain Bathroom Mat Set

Go safe with neutral. If you are undecided on what style to choose, the best route is to pick something plain with neutral colors. Toned down colors can easily blend with any bathroom accessories you may want to add later on. Subtle neutrals can also bring out any other themes which you may want to upgrade in the bathroom later.

The Basics. When shopping for new bathroom accessories, always prioritize list for the basic stuff, such as– faucet, sink, towel rack, mirror, shower, bathroom mat and rug. Fixtures like sinks and faucets, as well as the shower and tub must be complementary to each other. You can check out complete sets HERE to kickstart your quest. These items, particularly sinks and faucets, hold a vital element in any bathroom design. These items usually deliver that look of coolness and elegance, essential in bathrooms feel and look. Nonslip bath mats and rugs, are also considered essential for safety.

Storage. You will need a place to store your bathroom stuff, like towels, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, soap, bathroom cleaner, and the like. For personal items, a floating water and rust-resistant shelf, can come in handy. This Vdomus Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf, for instance, can hold various things you often use in the bathroom. It also comes with a towel bar to hang a towel with.

Vdomus Tempered Glass Brushed silver Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar Wall Mounted

Light It Up. It is a common mistake to overlook lighting accessories– don’t! A vital feature in creating overall ambiance for a room, choosing the right lighting fixture will definitely go a long way in terms of aesthetics and functionality. For low natural lights, higher lumens may be needed to compensate. A ceiling light and a light source near a mirror, are essentials to bathroom lighting. To add more elegance, adding a cool ceiling light, like the AUDIAN Flush Mount Ceiling Light will lend a minimalist yet stark delight to a bathroom.

AUDIAN Flush Mount Metal Ceiling Light lamp with LEDS

Don’t forget the small things. It’s the small things that often count when it comes to adding that cool vibe into a bathroom. With this, choosing something as simple as a toothbrush holder or toilet paper holder, can come a whole way. Some of the accessories you will need — soap dish, handsoap/shampoo/conditioner dispenser, toothbrush holder, toiler paper holder, towel rack, tumbler holder, robe hook, air freshener dispenser, vanity organizer and even a trash can. These small items may look inconsequential at first glance, but they actually lend a huge impact to a bathroom’s overall design. You can check out some the cool bathroom accessories sets HERE. A vanity organizer must also be chosen carefully. This mason jar number is perfect for all-white elegant bathrooms, especially if you need a little more storage.

SundayBowtique Mason jar accessory set in white bathroom with flower

There’s nothing more exciting than having to shop for cool bathroom accessories! Try to work around your budget, but make sure to choose quality and attractive products, that double as functional without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Try to compare items and choose what works best to your agenda to ultimately get the bathroom that suits your taste and personality.

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