How to Decorate A Small Bathroom With Accessories

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So you’ve already repainted the walls and ceilings. The walls had already been set, too. The painting is up on your accent wall and a new mirror installed where it welcomes natural light into the room. From cool faucets to a removable vanity, wall-mounted shelves to holding knick-knacks, the idea of revamping a cramped bathroom can be truly rewarding afterwards. What’s left now is how to decorate a small bathroom with accessories that do not only break the bank, but also offer a sense of glam and fluidity in its design element. To kickstart your search, these items come highly recommended.

Seville Classics 5-Piece Bamboo Bath and Vanity Luxury Bathroom Essentials Accessory Set

Start off by adding decorative element to your vanity or sink with the Seville Classics 5-Piece Bamboo Bath and Vanity Luxury Bathroom Essentials Accessory Set. Elegant yet durable, this set of bathroom accessories are made of all-natural, sustainable bamboo giving your bathroom a distinctive aura. Investing in a bathroom accessory set, saves you time and money. With this, you get a toothbrush holder, a pump dispenser, swab or cotton ball holder with tight lid, wastebasket, and a bamboo tray to hold your towels. Uniformed sets give small bathrooms a nudge in the right direction as it offers not just improved aesthetics but also fluidity and tidiness essential in creating an illusion of spaciousness. If bamboo is not your thing, there are also other bathroom accessory set designs HERE.

Lancher Bathroom Shelf

Some small bathrooms, however, do not have the luxury of having their own vanity. If you lack the space, using the Lancher Bathroom Shelf is a wise decision to make. With no drilling required, this shelf can be easily installed to hold your bathroom accessories in place. Made with rust-resistant aluminum complemented with premium quality adhesive suction stickers, it can be easily propped into a bathroom wall then, accentuated with a mirror on top, to give you a feel of having a personal vanity, without hogging up too much space. Optimizing vertical space using wall-mounted bathroom shelves like this number from Lancher can help create an illusion of much bigger space. It also frees the lower area allowing for more free movement even in such a cramped space. When looking at how to decorate a small bathroom with accessories, you always need more space for shampoo.

Zenna Home 7413AL Neverrust Aluminum Adjustable Shower Caddy

Another way of maximizing space in your small bathroom is to add a shower caddy. The Zenna Home 7413AL Neverrust Aluminum Adjustable Shower Caddy is one excellent choice for this one. Made of rustproof lightweight aluminum, it can be easily ensconced on your shower system to hold bathing necessities like shampoo and conditioner, soap, bath gels, scrub, and so on. It also has a razor storage as well as a soap dish. It can be adjusted to house tall bottles and can even slide up or down for ease and comfort. Unlike other shower caddies, this one comes with twist locks for stability. This is definitely one bathroom accessory you shouldn’t miss. When looking at how to decorate a small bathroom with accessories, a shower caddy is always a must.

Living Bathroom

So now that you know how to decorate small bathroom with accessories, it is also wise to add a touch of “life” into your cramped space. Adding plants will not only add a kick of pizzazz into your diminutive space, but will also help to improve air quality. Simply prop a pot of greens or hang tillandsias near the windowsill– and you have one small bathroom that’s perfect for relaxation. Also check the 2019 Best Bathroom Pictures To Hang On Wall



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