Cool Kids Bathroom Decor And Accessories For Less

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Many kids are literally litter bugs. The most unfortunate thing though, is that they tend to hate bath time, too. Oh well, like some adults, the idea of getting wet and scrubbed clean just simply makes them loathe bathroom trips in the same way your furry friend does. So why not make the entire experience fun? Aside from creating a functional place to teach kids the importance of hygiene, making good use of kids bathroom decor and accessories, will definitely get your message across.

The key to exciting bathroom trips for little tots, is to find a theme that suits their liking. You can follow their own imagination and go down to their level of fun. Take this Under The Sea bathroom decorating and accessorizing idea, for instance:

1. Accessorize your wall with a stick-on decal that encapsulates the bathroom’s overall theme. This one features an under the sea non-toxic PVC wall decal, that can be easily applied to any flat surface in the bathroom. It’s water-resistant, self-adhesive and can be removed without leaving any sort of residue, it will ignite your child’s senses the moment they step into the space.

MLM Submarine Waterproof Removable Bathroom Wall Art Sticker

2. Add a shower curtain. If your bathroom is space-challenged and has a bath tub, shower and toilet, create a fun division that encapsulates the theme. Here, under the sea creatures printed on a shower curtain, adds a sense of stylish privacy to the space. Choose one that doesn’t easily accumulate mold or mildew or one that’s soap scum resistant. Kids bathroom decor and accessories that include shower curtains are simple and easy to do.

Curtain Ambesonne Nautical Tropical Underwater Kids Shower Curtain

Kids Shower Curtain by Ambesonne


3. Zero in on the usual bathroom slips and falls, with a non-slip bath mat. Make safety a priority in your child’s bathroom. Cases of bathroom slips are quite common leaving injuries or worse, fatalities. While safety is important, consider also using a non-skid bath mat that captures the overall theme and has antibacterial-mildew-resistant qualities, too.

Kepler Non slip Baby Bath Mat for kids bathroom

4. Make toothbrushing appealing to your kid. Another challenge that most parents experience is to teach oral hygiene to these little ones. Why not add a decorative slosh into your bathroom with a fun toothbrush-toothpaste holder? Still, remember to choose bathroom accessories that adhere to your specified theme.

Mainstay Somethings Fishy Toothbrush Holder for bathroom

5. Throw in a rug. At some point, a child has to towel off or take a short break while in the bath. Keep their feet from getting wet and risk slipping on tiled floors. With a rug, one can keep them dry, preventing untoward accidents from happening. This is one of the kids bathroom decor and accessories ideas that are also easy to do.Creative Bath Products Rainbow Fish Rug for bathroom

6. Inject fun into every bath time. Kids love to linger in bath tubs, playing with bubbles and their floaters. Add more fun to the whole decorative element by dressing up a bath spout. This blue whale definitely didn’t miss the mark.

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover universal for bathroom

7. Add personality to your kid’s bathroom. Even the littlest of things can count a lot to create a safe and functional yet stylish bathroom space. Think about this Creative Bath tissue holder (below), waste basket and hand soap holder. Don’t you just love their creative sense of fun and perfection?

Creative Bath Tissue Holder for bathroom in whiteCreative Bath Tissue Holder

Creative Bath Waste Basket in white for bathroom
Creative Bath Waste Basket

Creative Bath Rainbow Fish soap holder for bathroom
Creative Bath Rainbow Fish soap holder

7. Don’t forget something to aid in de-cluttering a kid’s bathroom. Forget the pail type toy organizers. This bathroom toy organizer can be easily hooked on your bathroom wall, right beside a bath tub. It makes bathroom de-cluttering sessions easy as a breeze.

Navy Penguin Bath Toy Organizer for bathroom

Navy Penguin Bath Toy Organizer


Without a doubt, there are hundreds of kids bathroom decor and accessories out there. The bottom line is: always see things from your kids perspective and make fun a priority, without negating functionality and safety. Try to pick stuff that is not only durable and germ-resistant, but also easier to maintain.

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