Complete Bathroom Sets With Shower Curtains: A Budget Friendly Revamp

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Like the kitchen, a bathroom is one of the most worked up spaces in a home, yet it’s often overlooked. It’s the very space that greets you in the morning and the same one that pampers you before retiring for bed. However, many homeowners tend to pay little attention to their bathrooms up until there’s a leak in the faucet or some foul smell, emanating from within. When, in fact, there are many ways to revamp this space and enhance its ambiance without shelling out a lot of cash– and one such idea is by simply looking for complete bathroom sets with shower curtains, to upgrade its whole look and feel.

Bathroom sets with shower curtains in many colors

If your bathroom’s major finishes are still in mint condition or that it’s not included in the renovation budget for this year, simple upgrades can actually do so much to refresh the whole space. Here are some excellent picks for you to invest in.

1. Starter Set

DII Oceanique 5-Piece Bathroom Starter Set in bathroom

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be revamped. This 16-piece affordable bathroom set is designed specifically to add new meaning to an apartment bathroom, a kid’s bathroom, or a guest bathroom. It comes with quintessential ceramics such as a soap dish, a cup for brushing, and a lotion dispenser. It also comes with a shower curtain and 12 shower hooks.

The DII 16-Piece Shower Set delivers all the essentials to a small bathroom at such an affordable price. Coming with a gender-neutral design of a CityScape and Mosaic Tile design, it can easily blend in with your current interior, while giving an erstwhile dreary bathroom a much-needed lift. Ceramic pieces are quite durable and easy to maintain while the shower curtain is made of 100 percent imported polyester complete with reinforced non-metal button holes for that rust-free protection. This set also makes a going away gift for a son or daughter who’s about to start college while living in a dorm. Complete bathroom sets with shower curtains like this can match a lot of different decors or ideas in your bathroom.

2. Hand In The Towels

WPM 18 Piece Bath Rug Set in light bathroom

If your bathroom is bursting with ceramic accessories, finding a complementary bathroom set can also be done. This 18-Piece Bath-Rug Set from WPM, for instance, offers a cool design for bathrooms looking for an airy or beach-mode feel. Designed with a pleasing aqua blue-green hue, this set comes with the following items– a bath mat, a contour floor mat (for under the sink or the toilet bowl, a fabric shower curtain with 12 matching rings, a wash cloth, a hand towel and a large bath towel.

The WPM 18 Piece Bath Rug Set is a perfect addition to any modern country home looking for that laid-back feel in their bathroom. With such a pretty aqua blue-green design, your bathroom space can feel like being near a beach or lake while drawing more natural light in. With a coordinated look up to your towels, getting this set will feel like having a bathroom straight from a hotel catalog. This is an example of complete bathroom sets with shower curtains that you can do, that will really make your bathroom look great.

3. Go Full Blast

Madison DAM-SET-BK Damask Black Deluxe Bath Set in off white bathroom

Instead of buying separate pieces, why not go full blast in your bathroom revamp? Such is the essence of this Madison DAM-SET-BK Damask Black Deluxe Bath Set. Affordable yet durable and doesn’t fall short in the appealing department, this complete bathroom set can update the entire look of a bathroom without a hitch. This set offers the following items— ceramic accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and lotion pump), tub rug, contour rug, bath towel, hand towel, washcloth, and shower curtain with clear plastic rings.

One of the best things about the Madison DAM-SET-BK Damask Black Deluxe Bath Set is that the included rugs, being skid-resistant and tufted for comfort, can help in ensuring the safety of everyone. The included shower curtains fabric is also water-resistant and easy to clean. In fact, it is machine washable. The included clear plastic rings also do not cause any rusting. How’s that for a fully-updated look without spending so much!

Now is the time to create the bathroom of your dreams. With these complete bathroom sets with shower curtains, who needs costly major overhauls to breathe new life into your bathing space? The idea is to find the right set that easily blends with your current home’s design. In doing so, you can really update your bathroom’s look without disrupting the design flow of your interior– and without breaking the bank, too. 

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