Check Out These 4 White Bathroom Ideas With Pictures

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Bathrooms are important rooms in the house. This is because you’ll be using them everyday and quite often, your guests may also want to use them. And nothing looks quite as elegant as a pristine white bathroom! But when it comes to doing up your bathroom in shades of white – there is actually a very thin line between dowdy and beautiful. And to give you a good idea of what to do – we’ve brought you these 4 white bathroom ideas with pictures.

White bathroom ideas with pictures and dual mirrors
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#1: First up we are looking at a traditional bathroom. In this of course you have a perfect mix of the modern and the traditional. The thing to note is that the general look of the bathroom is traditional with the large counter with the two basins and mirrors. However, at the same time, the shower is contained with glass walls. Also there is a very modernistic feel to the mirrors and the wall decor.

Small white bathroom ideas with metal towel rack
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#2: This next design is a lot more traditional. Here you actually have a bathtub that takes up one half of the bathroom, instead of the shower. The other thing to note in this case, is that the bathroom is actually quite small and compact, but even then, it has been designed in such a way as to look inviting. Notice how the decor is white, but the grey floor tiles actually fit in well. That is something to keep in mind – some understated color can actually enhance the white decor – so never be scared to tastefully include some color.

White modern bathroom ideas with colorful tiles and mirror
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#3: Innovative and quirky use of white in a modern design – that’s what you see in this design. To continue from the last design, the concept of this bathroom does not in any way shy away from colors. In fact there is a profusion of those – with the various different blue shaded floor tiles, and further with the dark wood counter for the basin. And yet, all these dark colors only help to enhance the whiteness of the rest of the decor. Such a bathroom can also benefit greatly from quite a bit of natural light. You can do that with the help of large windows with sheer curtains – if the construction permits. In their absence, you need to give considerable attention to recreating natural light with the help of other light settings. This is one of the white bathroom ideas with pictures that is sometimes forgotten. Natural light is always a plus.

Warm white bath room with vanity and mirror
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#4: And finally we have a classic white bathroom where the main modern element is actually the TV, which you can do without if you desire. The rest of the decor is essentially classical, right from the lights, the mirrors and the large bathtub. Also, the wallpaper is also very classical. Even the floor has a beautiful pattern that looks great. However, the bathroom is a very large one – and the traditional look does require some space. In case the space isn’t adequate, steer clear of a completely traditional classical look – since you risk making your bathroom look too cluttered and busy.

So now that you have seen the 4 white bathroom ideas with pictures, you can start realistically planning your white bathroom with these specifications and your own preferences!


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