2019 Best Bathroom Pictures To Hang On Wall

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Want to add more drama to your bathroom’s bare wall? One of the finest decorative elements often left out of a bathroom redecorating agenda, is the use of framed pictures or artwork hung directly on the wall. Drawing the eye away from the unsightly stuff in your bathroom, a carefully handpicked picture will help add that unique personality to a space. While it’s so easy to just buy straight from an online catalog these days and have it framed locally, finding the right ones that blend to a bathroom’s “frequent user” will help encapsulate its very essence. For starters, these ideas on the best bathroom pictures to hang on wall will definitely make the space shine this 2018.

bathroom pictures to hang on wall in gray bathroom
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Kids Bathroom = Fun

Add more giddy fun and enjoyment into your little tot’s bathroom by donning its wall with imagination. This will not only add more excitement to a kid’s daily bathroom trip, but also helps nudge them into art appreciation. These poster prints from Gango Home Decor, for instance, allow them to learn about personal hygiene and orderliness in a fun and artistic way.

Gango Home Decor Four 8x8in Poster Prints for bathroom

For little ones who are yet to appreciate words, saying it with artistic pictures will definitely add more drama to their own bathing space. Nautical pictures and prints like the Anais Kids wall art never go out of style. So do cartoon characters, animated heroes, animal prints, unicorns, balloons, soapy suds, bubbles, and many more! Many of those prints that can be bought online or in nearby Home Depot, are giclee or inkjet reproductions of original artwork from professionals.

Anais Kids Decor Wall Art in bathroom

Teenage Mutants = Cool

There’s no room for anything dull and mundane in a teenager’s bathroom. When your kids are at their hormonal stage, finding cool stuff to add more life into their bathroom space can be quite challenging. For girls, discovering a whole new world of using makeup, may take centerstage in their new journey to life and what better way than to decorate their bathroom space with just that.

Confetti Fox Make Up Lover Wall Art Decor

For teenage boys, it is important to learn more about the current trend in the market or find out your son’s interests, before picking just any wall art to hang. Bathroom time for teenage boys will be fast and will become as critical as time spent on their phone. That’s part biology and part instinct. This Darth Vader parody framed wall art, for example, will make an awesome addition with any Star Wars fanatic. Perhaps, allowing your teenagers to pick what they want to hang on their respective Bathroom Countertop Accessories Ideas walls, will also do the trick. This is one of the best bathroom pictures to hang on wall, due to its humor and that it’s Star Wars related.

Serenity by Bucket Star Wars Darth Vader Parody Bathroom Wall Art

Powder Room = Refreshing

TheNameStore Bathroom Quotes and Sayings Art Prints for bathroom wall

Not all homes have a separate powder room, but if your abode has one, it is wise to decorate Stress Free Home Office Decorating Ideas with a framed picture that encapsulates nature at its best. This should be done without stunting the smooth flow of interior design from the living area to the kitchen, to the dining area, and to the powder room. The same can also be said about a guest room. The Blooms printed canvas from Decor 5 or quotable quotes framed in glass below will help lift this spare bathroom’s vibe. This is one of the best bathroom pictures to hang on wall, due to the fact it will have no problem matching with like minded bathroom decor.

Flower Bathroom pictures to hang on wall in white bathroom

Bachelor/Bachelorette = Flirty

Bring a certain level of sultriness and uniqueness into your crib with flirty and thriving pictures hung carefully on your bathroom’s wall. This “get naked” calligraphy below, for instance, helps encapsulate the essence of tumultuous excitement emanating from your fast and furious stage in life.

Get naked picture

If calligraphy or word quotes don’t get you, then this hand-painted artwork framed and hanged for a bathroom wall might do the trick. Framed and ready to hang, this hand-painted nude oil painting speaks volume about your liberal mind and free-spirited lifestyle.

Faicai Art Hand Painted Nude Girl Wall Art for bathroom

Master’s Bathroom = Relaxing

There’s no shortage of ideas on what to hang in your bathroom wall. You can pick from countless family photos, blow them up and then hang them on your bathroom’s wall. Nature’s glory encased in crystal-and-wooden frames, also makes a great choice. This zen decorative framed artwork below, however, makes an excellent choice when adding warmth and tranquility to a modern-minimalist bathroom. Zen artwork is always popular and some of the best bathroom pictures to hang on wall.

ArtWall Still Life Stone Bowl Gallery Wrapped Canvas Artwork by Elena Ray on bathroom wall

There’s definitely more to your bathroom’s wall than meets the eye. With these tips on what bathroom pictures to hang on wall, you can finally update its vibe in a snap. Whether you want it modern or rustic, classic, magical or eclectic; finding the right pieces to hang is a matter of personal preference. When choosing, do remind yourself to accessorize accordingly to allow the smooth flow of interior design from a Complete Bathroom Sets With Shower Curtains into the overall abode.



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