7 Awe Inspiring Urbanite Shower Ideas for Small Spaces

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One of the greatest struggles in urban living today is bathroom space. With barely enough square footage, many are always in a dilemma on how to create a creatively put together shower space, without having to take up a lot of space, yet still being stylish. If you are one of the many facing this quandary, it is high time to find shower ideas for small spaces. To get you started, here are 7 awe-inspiring inputs from bathroom remodeling experts.

#1 – Go vertical.

Vertical shower ideas for small spaces
Living in a bachelor pad with barely enough room to move around? Go vertical by choosing rainshower heads. Vertical rainshower heads integrate function and style in your bathing space. Not only does it take out the cramped shower look, it also creates a sense of relaxation and charm to the whole bathroom space.

#2 – Make good use of corners.

Corner shower ideas for small spaces with blue tile
Small bathrooms have 4 corners which can be easily used to your advantage. Simply set a walk in shower on any of these bathroom corners. To create a semblance of spaciousness, opt for a neo-angled base and a full glass or mirrored enclosure to give you a seemingly larger square footage.

#3 – Choose see through walls.

See through wall shower ideas for small spaces
Many savvy space-saving households make good use of walk in showers enclosed in seamless glass enclosures. With its see-through barriers, natural lighting can easily seep in adding an illusion of a larger roomier bathroom space. Simply use tiles and shower heads that draw the eye up to the ceiling for a more spacious effect.

#4 – Go state of the art.

Modern showering technology
Want a stylish and space-saving shower? Why not choose a steam shower bath? These state of the art showers come in various designs and shapes which you can easily install in a corner or any available space in your home. This is quite timely as more and more urbanites have become too complacent in their hygiene. With this, you can easily detoxify, relax or de-stress with its steam bath mechanism.

#5 – Choose a closet style design.

Small bathroom in brown
Another awesome choice among many shower ideas for small spaces is the use of closet-style designed walk in showers. Here, the top area is opened to the whole bathroom space while the rest of the shower pen is enclosed. The door can either be sliding or have a handle that resembles a closet.

#6 – Forget the tub.

Large marble shower glass enclosed with bench
Oh yes, how wonderful it is to lounge away in a bath tub. Quite frankly, you might not always use a bath tub so, why waste ample space? To save on space and still enjoy a hot-or-cold wash, simply omit the tub to make a walk in shower feel more airy and relaxed. Try to place a marble seat like the one above in place for a tub. It can double as a sitting area as well as a storage space for your bath essentials.

#7 – Do mirrored enclosure.

Mirrored wall shower ideas for small spaces with girl with tutu
Mirrors always give an illusion of more space. Thus, this reflective design is one of the most creative shower ideas for small spaces. Not only does it reflect natural light and impart a feeling of openness and spaciousness, it can also double as a functional mirror which one can use when dressing up or putting makeup and other accessories.

Shower ideas for small spaces
Indeed, there is so much that you can do with a seemingly diminutive bathroom space. With more and more people choosing to live in high rises like condominiums and apartments, the struggle in creating a relaxing yet space-saving bathroom can truly be a hassle. With these shower ideas for small spaces, you can finally enjoy a good shower without having to spend so much or to sacrifice a huge space in your abode.


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