6 Elegant Bathroom Countertop Accessories Ideas

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Want to upgrade your bathroom’s appeal without the usual bank-breaking hassles? Do you want to create a classy bathroom without changing wall paint or doing any major overhaul? Why not start at de-cluttering your bathroom’s countertop? Let’s face it, this space can easily turn into a cockpit of personal stuff, leaving it messy and unsightly. A bathroom countertop is one of the most neglected areas in your home, until a sea of clutter drowns its overall appeal. When thinking of doing an upgrade, these bathroom countertop accessories ideas can help brighten, add function and give more oomph to this space.

1. Clear Apothecary Jars. Display everyday items and toiletries in clear apothecary jars. From cotton balls stash, cotton buds, perfumes, soaps, hair clips, makeup brushes, and wet wipes, these jars can gather everything in one place– with style and elegance. Locking such items in these jars makes them more hygienic looking and more easily accessible, too. If glass apothecary jars are too pricey for your budget, moisture-proof premium quality clear plastic ones, are great options too.

Premium Quality Clear Plastic Apothecary bathroom accessories

2. Trays. Some other great bathroom countertop accessories ideas are the use of trays to contain everyday personal items. Trays are multi-functional finds. They create boundaries for certain things on your bathroom countertop, for a cleaner more organized feel. Hair clips, pedicure toe spaces, headbands, bobby pins, razors, nail clippers, and other miscellaneous items, can be tossed into a tray making it easier to gather them up.

When choosing one, go for a tray that’s not only easy to clean but also moisture-proof. Of course, it must also complement your current bathroom interior design. This natural bamboo tray from InterDesign, for instance, fits any bathroom design well.

InterDesign Formbu Vanity Natural Bamboo for bathroom

3. Canisters. Instead of using apothecary jars, use stylized canisters. These storage containers can also hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton buds, wet wipes and so on, for that clean sanitized feel. Canisters can also help store bath salts, baking soda, and other items you don’t want everyone to see, but will still be within easy reach, when you need them. This American Atelier 3-Piece White Fleur de Lis Canister Set is a fantastic choice for that elegant feel.


American Atelier 3 Piece White Canister for bathroom countertop

4. Lamps. Whoever says table lamps are not meant for bathrooms is deeply mistaken. Even with all that recessed lighting in a bathroom, one can never get enough illumination, particularly when applying makeup or trying to get rid of those pesky blackheads. Adding a lamp is even more efficient in small bathrooms with little or no window for natural light to seep in. Additionally, a table lamp like this mother-of-pear chic find from 360 Lighting, truly gives any bathroom space a style upgrade it badly needs. Lamps are bathroom countertop accessories ideas that add class to the space.

Margaret Mother Pearl Cylinder Table for bathroom

5. Wall-Mounted Holders. Instead of stacking dispensers and storage jars into your countertop, float your flotsam for that sanitary and convenient feel. Using wall-mounted holders for your toothbrush, Q tips, cotton stash, makeup brushes, and so on, will help free up space on your countertop. This Farmhouse Bathroom Storage from Out Back Craft Shack, for instance, comes with 4 glass mason jars ensconced in a heavy-duty distressed wood with two keyhole slots for easy mounting on the bathroom sink wall. The jars easily slide off for cleaning and also come in various distressed colors such as black, gray, antique white, teal and white.

Farmhouse Out Back Craft Shack wall holders in bathroom

6. Plant or Flowers. Breathe life into your bathroom by adding plants or freshly cut flowers stacked in a glass vase. In addition to adding that extra fluff, these help purify air and improve a bathroom’s overall feel. You can go for aloe vera, orchids, succulents, mini lucky bamboo, and so on. Don’t have time cutting flowers or tending to house plants? Artificial flowers like these Tulips make a great substitute to add a more decorative appeal to your bathroom.


Bathroom Countertop Accessories ideas with white flowers

There are so many ways to make your bathroom more elegant. Get rid of negative space by incorporating these bathroom countertop accessories ideas to your current design. As always, an exceptional bathroom counterop design requires some careful planning and attention to detail to truly make the space more organized and functional.

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