6 Bathroom Vanity Mirror Ideas For Less

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There’s more to a bathroom than what meets the eye. A sanctuary to many, it serves as a place that holds secret woes and joys in life. When friends, work colleagues or relatives come to visit, the whole take-a-peek-in-the-bathroom trope, will most definitely push you to find ways to give it a facelift. If you plan to update your bathroom’s looks anytime soon, looking for ideas that don’t drill holes in your bank account will be best. You can always start with your vanity. To kickstart your enthusiasm, here are bathroom vanity mirror ideas for less.

1. Make It Glitter

Hemway Rose Gold Glitter Paint Additive Crystals for vanity mirror

Instead of repainting the whole bathroom, why not just focus on a bathroom’s center of gravity- the vanity mirror. People stop and take a pause in this area to prettify themselves. Instead of replacing the whole mirror, a little paint job to its frame might do the trick. The secret– add some shimmer and shine to your paint! Hemway Glitter Paint Additive Crystals come with an array of colors that can help breathe new life into a dreary mirror.

2. Light Away

Wide LED Light Polished Chrome

Looking dull and dreary? Try wiping clean a bathroom vanity mirror and installing overhead/underhead lights. You don’t have to replace the whole mirror, but rather just install these 5-light polished chrome Esken LEDs up above or down below it. Adding light will only require you to screw this set on and voila! You’re bathroom’s center of attraction will finally come to life.

3. Superstar Effect

Aoleen Frameless Vanity Mirror ideas white bathroom

If you want to feel like a celebrity delivering monologues on Monday mornings concerning work presentations or PTA proposals, investing in a Hollywood style vanity mirror may come in handy. Used by many salon professionals, the warm light emanating from these bulbs can help scrutinize skin tone easily. This also helps you to gain control of every minute of your hair and makeup. Bathroom vanity mirror ideas such as this one, can really make you feel like a super star.

4. Dimmable Drama

H&A Dimmable LED Backlit for vanity mirror ideas

Another great idea in adding illumination into your bathroom vanity mirror is a dimmable backlight. Instead of installing the usual LEDs though, this H&A Dimmable LED Backlit Mirror featured above is so affordable, yet comes with astounding features like a moisture-proof stripe, anti-fog system, one-touch button, dimmable function and easy installation. Now, you can have a hot bath without worrying about how to get rid of the steam off your mirror.

5. Beach House Effect

Bathroom vanity mirror ideas with blue walls
Source: pinterest.com

Fancy a beach house in the middle of a bustling cityscape? Transform your bathroom into your own beachside sanctuary by adding seashells into your mirror and as decorative items on your vanity. You can make a frame filled with seashells on your own or simply have a pre-made one from neighborhood custom shops.

6. Beaded Glory

Cousin 31673 Mixed Plastic Beads

If you want to save more money though, ditch the seashells and go for color bursting plastic beads. From pony beads to tri-beads, charms, and peals, these items can be easily glued into a mirror’s frame, giving it a budget-friendly facelift. A little arts and crafts will definitely bring more life into your bathroom.

There is so much you can do to give your bathroom a lift without spending so much. These bathroom vanity mirror ideas are not only friendly to the pockets, but they are also effortless and convenient to do during long weekends. With these, you can finally add personality to a somewhat dreary space and earn accolades from ever-curious friends and relatives.

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