6 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks To Save Time And Beautify Your Bathroom

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When it comes to cleaning, most people would say that the least favorite area in their home to clean is the bathroom. However, the bathroom should always be spot clean but doing so is not the most thrilling job in the world. The good news is that we are going to share with you bathroom cleaning hacks to save time and to make your life and bathroom cleaning so much easier!

bathroom cleaning hacks
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Make Use of Spice Racks

Spice racks as bathroom cleaning hack
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And you thought spice racks are only meant for the pantry or kitchen. You can make use of spice racks to keep your lotions, shampoos and other bathroom essentials. This way, it reduces the clutter making it so much easier for you to clean the bathroom. At the same time, it saves space. Choose a space rack that goes well with your bathroom color/theme. Any bathroom cleaning hacks that help to save space, should always be considered.

Magnetic Strips

Magnetic Strips hack for bathroom
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This is very useful! Magnetic strips are a great way to hold magnetic objects in your bathroom like bobby pins, tweezers, etc. You can put this behind cabinet doors. This will save you so much space and you won’t have to worry about losing a bobby pin, ever again!


Bookshelves and storage as bathroom cleaning hack
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This is a bookshelf that you can easily hang on walls. You can add this above your bathroom door to store your bathroom essentials. This will reduce the amount of things lying around in your bathroom and will also be a great bathroom decor. Make use of beautiful baskets to store towels and other bathroom stuff that you put in your bathroom. You will be surprised how beautiful the outcome is.

“Drill” Your Way Around!

You can use your drill to clean your bathroom! But before you do, fit a scrub brush to your drill and then you’re good to go. This will make bathroom cleaning faster and easier. Keep in mind to use a scrub brush that really fits. Don’t worry because most scrub brushes easily fit to the drill. This is one of the bathroom cleaning hacks that can save a ton of time.

Magnetic Boards

Magnetic board as bathroom cleaning hack
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Aside from magnetic strips, you can also make use of magnetic boards. This is perfect for women out there who have plenty of makeup. Instead of having it all over your bathroom counter, stick them to a magnetic board. This way, it will be so much easier for you to find what you are looking for plus minimizing bathroom clutter! Isn’t that a win-win situation?

Have Pull Out Drawers

Pull Out Drawers in white bathroom
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Maximize your cabinets by putting pull out drawers. This will give you more space and keep your bathroom organized. Nothing is better than an organized bathroom!

These 6 bathroom cleaning hacks to save time will totally help you have a more organized bathroom. By following these tips, you will find it so much easier to clean your bathroom plus it would make it appear more beautiful as well!


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