5 Wow Looking Bathroom Color Themes Ideas For Yours

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Whether you have a small bathroom or a larger one, the color scheme can make a big difference. And you know what; wrong or incongruous color themes can make your bathroom look from fabulous to drab.

We have compiled together 10 of the best and must try bathroom color themes that are suggested by professionals in the field to make you bathrooms look more than just good. Let’s check them out …

1.    Blue, White and a hint of Silver

Blue, being the color of sky and water, has calming properties which makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom. A dark blue background with blue curtains looks amazing when paired with white bathroom fittings.

You don’t necessarily have to add silver as it is already there in your chandelier, lamps and lights. The silver accessories can enhance the elegant to quite a degree.

2.    Browns; Beige, Cream, Chocolate and White

Brown color is associated with earth which is a symbol of warmth and comfort. Try using darker shades of brown like chocolate for cabinets and doors as used traditionally.

Keep your walls creamy and white. They will emphasize the details of your bathroom and will give it an elegant look. This option is one of the more popular bathroom color themes.

3.    Pink/Peach and Cream

For all the pretty ladies out there, pinkish, peachy and cream colors are great for their bathroom. They give the perfect feminine yet glamorous tone to the bathroom.

If you have a vanity in your bathroom, then peach color is great for you as it complements your skin tone. Try applying pinkish peachy shades to the wall and the ceiling. You may want to use cream shade for the fittings and curtains.

4.    Lavender and White

How great it would be to have a bathroom that has a calm, airy and welcoming touch to it? Lavender, the favorite color and flower of spas and massage centers, can be used to give a serene touch to your bathroom.

Remember that you don’t have to put too much lavender in your bathroom as this will compromise its purpose. Try using wallpaper that has hints of lavender in it. Towels and soaps in lavender look great with this theme.

5.    Teal (Any other shade of Green) and White

While choosing a color combo for your bathroom, greens work great! They provide a subtle and a natural look. You can also combine different shades of green like the way they are naturally organized in trees and forests.

Teal when combined with white looks cool and soothing. You can try painting your walls teal with white furniture and accessories.

You might have seen that white is present in a lot of bathroom color themes. The reason behind this is that white is a universal color which looks great when combined with any color.

The kind of touch you want to give to your bathroom and obviously your budget will determine the bathroom color themes you will use. So give any of these combinations a try and be wise in alternating between the colors.


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