4 Effective Bathroom Light Ideas For Small Spaces

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Does your bathroom feel like a dreary place, leaving you exasperated instead of relaxed after a bath? What’s causing your misery may just be as simple as tweaking your bathroom lights. An important aspect in creating good ambiance for your bathroom, lighting is often taken for granted by many. Bathroom light ideas for small spaces are even more important to make it feel brighter and open. When thinking of enhancing your bathroom to create a more positive ambiance and creating illusion of a bigger space, these lighting ideas can be of help.

Bathroom light ideas for small spaces with white tile
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    • Versatile Vanity Lighting. Get the most of your bathroom space by adding vanity lighting. One of the most taken for granted areas, splotchy vanity lights used by many homes, cast a shadowy aura that can turn your bathroom into a dark world. One way to combat this situation is to install ample lighting in your vanity or better yet, install a lighted vanity mirror that doubles as a medicine wall cabinet, like the one below from HomCom. This rust-resistant medicine cabinet-vanity mirror comes equipped with LED technology and added storage for your bathroom knick-knacks to keep your space neat and organized.

Bathroom light ideas for small spaces involving your vanity, are a great way to light up your room.

HomCom LED Ring Sliding Bathroom Mirror light ideas

  • Tape Lights. Remember that undercabinet lighting on your kitchen cabinets? They, too, can help create a sense of openness or spaciousness to your small bathroom. Lighting was often hard to install on areas under a hanging cabinet or a shelf in a bathroom, in the past. Today, technology is on your side as convenient tape lights can be easily attached to eliminate dark areas. You can choose between battery operated ones or via hardwired type like the one below from LiteVer. Adding illumination on these undercabinet areas will not only create a more relaxed space or an illusion of a much larger space, but also makess it more functional. It is also important to point out that these strip or tape lights can be easily attached in areas where they cannot be seen leading to a more uncluttered, harmonious and well lighted bathroom space. The LiteVer Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit, by the way, is dimmable allowing you to adjust the kind of ambiance you want while soaking in a hot bath or getting into a relaxing shower.

LiteVer Under Cabinet LED Lighting Kit Hardwire used as bathroom light idea

    • Task Lights. Another light idea for small bathrooms is the use of a task lighting fixture. Mounting a horizontal task light above a vanity mirror can help add more illumination to create more openness to your space. To free shadowy areas in your bathroom space, adding wall scones like say two Elina Vanity Wall Sconces from Linea Di Liara alongside a mirror will help eliminate unwanted shadows making it better while checking yourself during shaving, brushing or when applying makeup. When picking task lighting for bathrooms, do remember to pick 4000K or higher in terms of color temperature for a more effective lighting effect. Also, check if it is suitable for damp locations.

Bathroom light ideas for small spaces that use these lights really look great when installed.

Elina Vanity Wall Sconce used in bathroom

    • Flush Mount Lights. Steer clear of tacky decorative ceiling lights and go for no-fuss flush mount ones. One perfect example is the Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light below. Its sleek circular design and pure white light diffusion, helps open up your bathroom space, lending an illusion of roominess and a more relaxed ambiance. When this is turned on, lighting is distributed all throughout the bathroom evenly, mimicking natural light coming in. In addition to evenly casting illumination across your bathroom space, its minimalist silhouette also helps create an aura of uncluttered zero-shadow openness.

This example is one of the bathroom light ideas for small spaces, that is a good choice because it lends a clean look to your lights.

Cloudy Bay LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light for bathroom

Give your diminutive space the attention it deserves, with these innovative bathroom light ideas for small bathroom space. Keeping the shadows out will not only make a bathroom more welcoming and relaxing, but it will also cast out any negative aura that you may be carrying around with you, as you begin and end your day in this particular area. By installing the right lighting fixture, you can now have a space that revs you up as you start the day and calms you down as you rest.



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