3 Secret Tips To Make your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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What is better than having a big bath tub with a custom built dressing area in your bathroom where you do not feel cramped? Unfortunately, seldom do we find such luxurious bathroom. Usually there are smaller sized bathrooms which accommodate all the basics like sink, shower and the toilet plus some additional items cabinets and mirrors. After placing all these things at their places, little place is left for anything else. If you try stuffing one or two things in there, the room actually becomes stuffy. Instead of stuffing items in your bathroom randomly, try using these 3 tricks that will help you in visually increasing the size of your bathroom so that it will make your small bathroom look bigger.

Secret No. 1: Use White or Neutral Colors for your Small Bathroom

There is so much to white than just being one of the colors. Did you know that white color reflects light which makes smaller bathrooms appear big and airy?

We suggest you to use white color tiles and bathroom fittings. Painting the walls of your bathroom white give it an open look. White color also gives a touch of serenity to the room.

If white is not your color and you already have a lighter color like cream or light blue colored bathroom then try ‘matching’ all the things including the walls according to this color. Remember to keep all things in one tone!

Secret No. 2: Better lighting is the Key to a Bigger Bathroom

Make use of any windows, lamps or lighting in your bathroom to make it look bigger. Spend money on buying some wonderful opaque curtains or frosted glass for the windows. Don’t block natural light from entering your bathroom.
Beware: Darker shade curtains/blinds leave your bathroom looking smaller than its actual size.

Use mirrors and place them in an angle where they enhance the light and create an illusion of a bigger room. Try using a full sized wall to wall mirror above the sink. Do not opt for small, hanging mirrors as they don’t do justice to a mirror itself!

Secret No. 3: Smaller the Size of furnishings and Bathroom Fittings the Better!

Whether its cabinets or racks or accessories, you need to cut down their size. Use floating, open shelves instead of big cabinet boxes. Consider reframing your walls for a storage area placed into the walls.

Install a small sized corner unit for a corner area. Instead of a larger vanity use one or two pedestal sinks with small drawers at the back for additional storage.

Irritated by the extra space that your towel rod takes? Try installing a smaller rod at the side of a vanity.
You can’t place your toilet at the back of the door as it will come in your way? Try using sliding doors instead of swinging ones.

Finally, you need to keep in mind that by the end of the day a smaller bathroom makes you feel cozy and comfortable. You need to think big, plan strategically and use these 3 amazing secret ways to make your small bathroom look bigger!


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