3 Must Have Bathroom Accessories Set

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Redesigning a bathroom on a tight budget can be a challenging project. Many homeowners believe that bathroom makeovers require a lot of changes and improvement thereby, causing a huge dent on their coffers. But it isn’t so. When it comes to upgrading the look of a bathroom, little details can go a long way. You can start with a stylish yet functional bathroom accessories set in silver accent to put new look on your bathroom.

Popular Bath, Bath Towels Sinatra Collection 3 Piece Set Silver for bathroom
Silver is the rave today for its minimalistic and modern appeal. Crisp and shiny, silver is also known to be beneficial for the health. Silver, even when used as accents, is a powerful antimicrobial agent. Aside from regulating heat and aiding in circulation, it also helps deflect harmful electromagnetic radiation. To make the project smooth, we have compiled these 3 chic yet affordable silver accentuated bathroom accessories set that every home must have.

To start off..

1. Popular Bath “Sinatra Silver” 3 Piece Towel Set

Popular Bath, Bath Towels Sinatra Collection 3 Piece Set Silver

This affordable towel set from one of the most popular bathroom accessories set on Amazon, Sinatra Silver, is to die for. Each set comes with one fluffy bath towel, absorbent hand towel and super smooth wash cloth. Elegance, being the brand’s trademark, is being carried out in its metallic silver sequins design band. A great addition to any modern bathroom, reviews on Amazon are ranging from “beautiful” to “perfect”.

Towels can have a huge impact on a bathroom’s overall appearance. An affordable and functional way to add drama to a bathroom, it also creates a sense of luxury and warmth. When accessorizing a bathroom, buying a full set of towels, hand towels and wash cloths will definitely make a huge difference. Buy this set and add some bling to your bleak bathroom.

To add more drama..

2. Popular Bath “Sinatra Silver” Shower Curtain

Popular Bath, Shower Curtain Sinatra Collection 70 x 72 Silver

If you are bent on buying the towel set, why not accentuate further with this Sinatra Silver Shower Curtain? Made from 100 percent polyester, this fabric shower curtain is also accentuated with the same silver sequins pattern on the bath towel set. Fun and elegant, it is a great accessory to a contemporary bathroom.

The Sinatra Shower Curtain comes highly recommended by homeowners as evidenced by awesome reviews on Amazon. It was considered stunning and glamorous—and can add a dazzling effect to a seemingly dreary bathroom. So, buy one now to add some flair to your bathroom décor. Simply place it on a curtain liner or perhaps, make use of Sinatra Silver shower hooks to secure it.

To complete the whole look..

3. Popular Bath “Sinatra Silver” 21.5 x 31.5 Bath Rug

Popular Bath, Bath Rug Sinatra Collection Silver 21.5 x 31.5
Complete the whole contemporary look with this Sinatra Silver bathroom rug. Made of super absorbent cotton styled with decorative silver sequins border on an aqua and green background, this inspirational rug aims to add not just dramatic flair to a bathroom design but also as a means of safety for bathroom users.

Bath rugs are essential components of bathroom accessories set. They make cold tile floors more comfortable. Best of all, they help prevent any incidence of slips and falls. Functional and stylish, it is no wonder many homeowners rave about it in their reviews on Amazon. To complete the whole contemporary look, buy this non skid rug as well as the contour rug from Amazon.


Popular Bath 7 Piece Sinatra Silver Shower Curtain, Resin Hooks, Towels and Rugs Set

As a rule of thumb, buying in sets is generally cheaper than buying individual pieces. This is even more so when it comes to buying towels because of their frequent usage. Some homeowners may opt for individual pieces, but often a bathroom accessories set is more popular. If you wish to create a totally alluring bathroom, try to complete the Sinatra collection. You can check out Amazon for the complete set and enjoy astounding perks for your bathroom makeover.



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