16 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas To Stretch The Space

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A small bathroom is usually one way that designers tend to make space for other rooms in a smallish house or apartment. They figure that the bathroom doesn’t really need to be too big and cut back on it often. But the fact remains that most of us keep quite a few things in the bathroom. This may be stuff we need right before or after a shower, stuff to clean our faces or remove make up and even styling aids. And when space is short, here’s what you need; some small bathroom storage ideas!

#1: Install a small shelf (maybe glass) over the sink. You can keep everyday essentials on this. You get space, and you have quick access! This is a great way to increase surface area in the room and can be a start to your small bathroom storage ideas venture.

Glass shelf above sink with white small bathroom storage ideas and mirror
Photo Credit : housebeautiful.com

#2: Take regular spice racks available in the market and attach them to the walls in your bathroom. You can do 2 or 3, one under the other, and that way you have a lot of space!

Spice racks as small bathroom storage ideas in dark bathroom
Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#3: A towel rack is something most of us need – but the space you may devote to that can be utilized for keeping other supplies too! Instead, install your towel racks to the door. Opening and shutting the door can upset other stuff kept on shelves – but it won’t affect the towels.

Towel racks in yellow small bathroom with storage ideas
Photo Credit : bobvila.com

#4: There is usually place above the toilet – because most designers do not install anything here. Utilize this spot using a shelf or a rack.

Storage ideas above toilet in small bathroom with picture
Photo credit : myfabulesslife.com

#5: Another small bathroom storage idea you can do, is make a nice not so narrow shelf over the door frame. This will allow you to place stuff out of the way – and easily access them when needed.

Over door shelf storage ideas for small bathroom
Photo Credit : mysocalledhome.com

#6: You probably have a cabinet under the sink. This comes with a door. Why waste that space? Install some simple drawers in here and use them.

Cabinet under the sink as bathroom storage idea
Photo Credit : realsimple.com

#7: Plan to organize things in all the other cabinets using drawers or organizers as well – you’ll be able to fit more stuff.

Under sink drawers with small bathroom storage ideas
Photo Credit : slidingshelvesdallas.com

#8: Take a magazine holder and attach it to the inside of a cabinet door. Use this to hold your hair dryer when not in use!

Magazine holder to hold hair dryer as small bathroom storage idea
Photo Credit : sugarbeecrafts.com

#9: In case there is no cabinet under your sink, then consider getting a shelf or rack that has a cut out for the sink pipe and place it under the sink. You get space and it looks great! This is another one of the small bathroom storage ideas that can really be a gamechanger.

Shelf under sink with small bathroom storage ideas
Photo Credit : decoratingfiles.com

#10: Consider narrow sliding cabinets, the types you have in your kitchen. These are easy to use and fit a host of things!

narrow sliding cabinets as small bathroom storage ideas
Photo Credits : swurvdigital.com

#11: Lazy susans can be a great way to utilize space and store small things that would otherwise get mixed up.

Lazy susans and other small bathroom storage ideas
Photo Credit : bhg.com

#12: Install a mirror cabinet instead of a mirror – this way you get two uses out of a single piece of furniture.

White mirror cabinet on bathroom wall
Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#13: Install an extra curtain rod along the wall, and use hanging caddies on this to store extra supplies.

Curtain rod to hang shampoo and conditioner and more
Photo Credit : ikeadecora.com

#14: If you do have a bathtub, get a modular one, which has storage space underneath it.

Modular bathtub with storage underneath
Photo Credit : coolthings.com

#15: Attach a strong magnetic strip to one wall – and you can easily store nail clippers, bobby pins, scissors and other small metallic things on it!

Magnetic strip with in bathroom for accessories
Photo Credit : improvenet.com

#16: Instead of having multiple towel racks, install coat hangers, they’ll take up less space and can be used in various ways.

Coat hangers to hang towels in white bathroom
Photo Credit : pinterest.com

So – is that enough small bathroom storage ideas for you? We are sure there is something for everyone here. And of course – they are all quite easy to incorporate and execute! So – make your bathroom space go the extra mile – try these out!


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