10 Cool Ideas for Bathroom Decorating on a Budget

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Giving your bathroom a makeover may sound like an expensive project. There are just so many things you want to change and too many elements to be revamped. But do you know that changing the look and feel of your bathroom doesn’t really have to be that expensive? There are certain ways to engage bathroom decorating on a budget and it only needs a little creativity and a dash of practicality to realize it.

Bathroom Decorating on a budget with storage and plants
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When thinking of getting a whole new space without a major renovation, here are clever ways to hit the mark without putting a huge dent on your piggybank:

1. De-Clutter

Basket under sink Organization ideas for bathroom
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If you want to put life back into your space, start by picking up random objects. Think about slivers of soap, hairpins, toothbrushes, medications, tissue rolls, and other unsightly accumulations on bathroom counters. When left unaddressed, these things can easily turn a seemingly stylish bathroom into a jungle. Reorganizing your counters and wall cabinets will help clean up the clutter and give it a much needed boost without spending a dime.

2. Must Love Paint

Repainted cabinets in bathroom with double sink
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If there is one makeover that delivers an almost complete feel with just a fraction of the cost, it would be to add a fresh coat of paint. Think about repainting those four wide walls with a color that relaxes you and your partner. For smaller bathrooms, go for lighter hues to make it appear much bigger and brighter. Repaint your cabinets, too, in such a way that they complement your wall colors.

3. Light It Up

New lights added above white bathroom vanity
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Add some vibe by swapping out old lighting with new energy saving lighting and fixtures. Replace them with affordable LED lights that do not guzzle that much electricity when in use. Not only will it help save energy cost, it can also deliver an overall feel for your space without spending too much.

4. Update Faucets, Knobs and Toilet Seats

Updated faucet knobs in gray bathroom with plant and mirror
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You do not have to replace the whole sink just to update a bathroom’s look. New sinks can cost you a lot of money including the installation process. Instead, update faucets and knobs on doors, drawers, medicine cabinets, and so on. A new faucet on an old sink, a new lid on your toilet bowl and changing hinges on cabinetry, will definitely add a more finished look without spending a lot.

5. Sassyfy the Floor

Yellow floral floor in bathroom
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Put more vigor where your feet land. Though ceramic tile is known to be water resistant and a popular choice among those who have a lot of money to spare, tile vinyl is a good choice, too. It’s durable yet cheap and relatively easy to install. It also comes in a variety of designs and styles to suit your bathroom theme.

6. Accentuate-Accessorize

Bathroom Accessories with curtains and counter items in white
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Add some funk and personality. Bathroom decorating on a budget can be done with a new shower curtain, window treatments or DIY curtains. Counter adornments will make a space feel different and like new. Add aromatherapy candles in mason jars, tacky artwork, or even matching bath and hand towels. You can even make bath mats out of old bath towels.

7. Add Shelves

Floating shelves in green bathroom for storage
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Add floating shelves to maximize storage. Place them over the toilet or underneath the sink. Shelves help increase storage space and help minimize clutter. Installing them makes the environment more relaxing while enhancing its functionality.

8. Incorporate Plants

Plant bathroom decorating ideas with mirror
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Bring life to your bathroom by adding plants into your bathroom. Plants like lucky bamboo, orchids, aloe vera, snake plants, spider plant, vertical planters, and hanging plants don’t only make great decorative elements, but can also help improve air quality. Improving air quality is always a bathroom decorating on a budget idea that will improve the room.

9. Add Elbow Room

Full length mirror in separate room
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Sharing a bathroom with your kids? Why not move your mirror away from the sink or perhaps, invest in a full length mirror. This will give you ample space to apply your make up or dress up without having to contend with kids splashing on the basin. Or you may simply place an old mirror away from the sink and simply place an old chest of drawers for storage.

10. Consider the Smallest Details

Painting in white bathroom with black tiles and artwork
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Consider the little details that add personality to your bathroom decorating on a budget, initiative. You can reposition old paintings from another living space, add plants on your vanity table, position towel racks in the right place, complete with hooks to hold clothing and bath robes. Also you can get new shower curtains and rug sets, and so on. These simple details don’t only add style to your bathroom, they also makes it more functional and fun.

Brown bathroom ideas with double sink
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Indeed, there is so much you can do when using bathroom decorating on a budget ideas. It is never an impossible dream as there are a lot of routes to take. For starters, take these pointers in mind to ensure that you get the refurbished look you need without hurting your pocket.


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