10 Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Less

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Trying to make a dreamy bath area out of a cramped apartment bathroom? While adding marvelous marble tiles and matte gold fixtures may be a tad too hefty for your fledgling budget, finding chic apartment bathroom decorating ideas can actually be done– and for less! To get your creative juices going, these simple upgrades can be done in no time.

apartment White bathroom decor ideas with vanity
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Freshen up with a new coat of paint. Nothing tops a fresh coat of paint when it comes to upgrading any room’s look. The very silver bullet for every ugly corner in an apartment, the idea is to use light hues to brighten it up. White, mint green, beige, or sky blue can transform a space and create an illusion of warmth and spaciousness.

Or, go paint-free. Some landlords don’t want messy painting done on their properties or simply want their rentals to stay as is. To get past that, you can try using peel-and-stick type tiles like the NuWallpaper NU2235. This moisture-resistant wall cover can also be used on a vanity, floors or any flat area. Simply remove when you want to upgrade to a new style next year.

NuWallpaper NU2235 Florentine Tile Peel and Stick Wallpaper for bathroom

Add a vanity. Well, not just any vanity for this matter, but a floating one like the VIZCAYA PREMIERE Tranquillo 30. Create a chic contemporary look with this floating vanity with an added cabinet as storage. It’s also complemented with an LED light strip. When you move to a new apartment, bring it with you. Cool! Apartment bathroom decorating ideas using a vanity, can really jazz the place up.

VIZCAYA PREMIERE Tranquillo 30 for bathroom

Create a snazzy wall. If you have a talent for creating murals, do so by creating an accent wall in your bathroom. There is so much that can be done on a bare wall to make it complement the entire Timeless Victorian Kitchen Decorative themes. Or simply place a stretched, framed, ready to hang art work from Niwo Art TM to draw the eye onto the area and divert attention from the cramped dreary-looking floors or sidelines.

Niwo Art TM for bathroom decor

Spruce up with air plants. Ditch placing deodorizers or charcoal in the bathroom. Instead, breathe new life into the space by adding air plants. You can choose to bring in potted leafy ones or hang tillandsias in majestic glass terrariums or glass planters, like this set below from Mkono. Adding air plants will not only brighten the room, it also improves indoor air quality.

Mkono 2 Pack Glass Hanging Planter Air Plant Terrarium for bathroom

Custom fit new floors. Sound too pricey to your taste? Fret-not, there are so many budget-friendly options available in the market today. You can start with water-resistant contact paper like this marble number below from practicalWs. Simply peel, stick and you’ve got a bathroom that looks spanking new. You can use this also on cabinets, vanity, wall, shelves, and so on to create a unified look. Improve the look with bathroom pictures to hang on wall.

Apartment bathroom decorating ideas in marble

Modernize fixtures. Add a touch of glam with new fixtures. Add new LED Bathroom Light Ideas scones or perhaps, a dainty chandelier to create a glam look. Feel free to shop for budget-friendly fixtures, the ones that can be added on your own, to give your bathroom space a new look. Do you also know that something as simple as a new faucet can turn a drab bathroom into a fab place? Check out these awesome selections of faucets to create a chic, homey look within your budget.

Door makeover. Convert a bathroom door into a sliding style one. There are various DIY kits for you to choose from in nearby Home Depots. Sliding doors help save on space and can create a stylish entryway to your bath area. Make it a summer project to make the effort more memorable. Check out this video on how to do it right.

Mirror, mirror. An essential component in cramped apartment bathrooms, a mirror adds an illusion of much bigger space. When placed perpendicularly from a window, it can invite natural light in, creating much-needed spaciousness. You can choose round or square, or perhaps, line up a whole wall area. A popular option for apartment bathroom decorating ideas, a mirror is always a good choice.

Don’t forget – storage. You will need storage for towels, tissues, and other bathroom supplies. Go vertical by adding wall-mounted shelves, which also work as concealers of exposed pipes. Adding this Slim Bathroom Cabinet Stand can also help.

Slim Bathroom Cabinet Stand for bathroom in white

Without a doubt these apartment bathroom decorating ideas for less will not break the bank. It may not transform your bathroom into a majestic fortress, but it will definitely be Instagram-worthy nonetheless. An important rule of thumb before doing any updates or changes to your current rental though– ask the landlord’s permission before doing anything. When getting the nod, it’s finally time to have fun mixing and matching these ideas at hand.

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