Exterior Garage Lights Guide: Lighting Tips and Tricks for Your Garage

Exterior Garage Lights Guide

Intro Exterior garage lights are not only practical, but they also enhance the aesthetic of your home. If you’ve noticed other people’s garage lights or have been shopping around a bit, you’ve probably come to realize that there are a myriad of ideas and styles available. When choosing the best exterior garage lights for your […]

Over the Washer and Dryer Shelves – Organization Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Over the Washer and Dryer Shelves

Intro An accessible laundry room on the first floor of your home can add value to your space. Having shelves over your washer and dryer in your laundry room will not only look tidy, but they’ll also keep everything organized and where it should be. Whether you’ve installed brand-new shelves above your washer-dryer, or you’re […]