Gorgeous Window Sill Planter Ideas to Dress Up Your Windows

Window Sill Planter Ideas

If you’re looking at giving your windows some curb appeal, window sill planter boxes are an effective way to do exactly that. From fresh herbs to succulents, to a flower box, there are a bunch of different styles and varieties of window box planter ideas that can work indoors as houseplants, or at your kitchen […]

A Few Tips On Maintaining Your Tabletop Fire Bowl Throughout the Year

Maintaining Your Tabletop Fire Bowl

To keep your tabletop fire bowl in peak condition throughout the year, there are a variety of tips you’ll want to keep in mind. The ongoing maintenance of a tabletop fire bowl will have it working all year-round on your patio or outdoor space. Fire pits are becoming a more common landscaping endeavor that homeowners […]

How to Install and Organize Your Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Outdoor hanging lanterns can create an aesthetically appealing glow in anyone’s yard. With a hanging light or outdoor pendant, some great outdoor lighting can create an ambiance in your outdoor area all year round. The warm glow of an outdoor lantern or lighting fixture can help warm up people’s moods during even the coldest winter […]