9 Purple Living Room Ideas – How to use Purple Walls & Decor

Purple Living Room Ideas

Purple is traditionally associated with royalty. The dye in ancient times came from mollusks which made it very expensive. Deep versions of this beautiful color denote luxury, while softer shades are soothing. Here you’ll find some purple living room ideas, to give you inspiration. Purple pieces can accent a room and add passion. It is […]

Grey Walls White Trim Living Room Decor – How to Do it Right

Grey Walls White Trim Living Room

While some people consider neutral grey to be a boring color, there are many things that you can do with it. Grey has a broad range of shades, and it is diverse enough to add a cool or warm tone to any room. Below, we’ll have some grey walls white trim living room decor ideas […]

7 Beautiful Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas – Try the Trend

Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Chalk paint is known for its ability to turn any repurposed old furniture into something that is shabby chic. However, chalk paint does have some considerations that are a bit outside of its normal usage. Below we’ll have some chalk paint furniture ideas anyone can put to use. Modern bedrooms and farmhouse kitchens are now […]